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8-5-2014 Buell X1, Buell XB9SX.

27-1-2015 - Buell X1, big check up. Buell XB9SX tyre change.

Buell X1, big check up, changing spark plug.


Buell X1, big check up, she runs again, with out leaks , oil level check.


Buell X1, big check up, brake pads front on the thin side, better replace theme.


Buell X1, big check up, remove the screw cap,, use a big screwdriver these can be a pain to remove.


Buell X1, big check up, and remove the pad holding pin, the spring will pop out when you pull the pin out.


Buell X1, big check up, push the pads back and pull them out, in this case no need to remove the caliper.


Buell X1, big check up, new pads in.


Buell X1, big check up, rattle spring back on place and push the pin in , and screw it on , place the screw cap back on with a little neverseas.


Buell X1, big check up, change brake fluid.


Buell X1, big check up, clean and lube the lever, and ready for test ride ( to morrow when it is dry  )


Xb9sx tyre change, rear tyre had a leak and was ready for replacement.


Xb9sx tyre change,pinch bolt loose, and remove the axle.


Xb9sx tyre change,brake caliper off , some protection for the swingarm paint.


Xb9sx tyre change, the leak.


Xb9sx tyre change, removing the old balance weights double side tape , so much nicer.


Xb9sx tyre change, wheel back in , axle to TQ and tighten the pinch bolt.


Xb9sx tyre change, brake caliper back on.


Xb9sx tyre change,, front caliper bolts out.


Xb9sx tyre change, loosen axle pinch bolts, and remove the fender.


Xb9sx tyre change, wheel out.


Xb9sx tyre change,, new rubber on , and tighten the axle.


Xb9sx tyre change, front fender back on, little low grade loctite will prevent the screws from corroding tight, caliper back on, and load the front suspention a few times to set the front legs, before tightening the axle pinch bolts.