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9-6-2016.. XR1200 hot can swap, M2 get 'r running

16-7-2016 - 9-6-2016.. XR1200 hot can swap, M2 get 'r running again

XR1200X TH hammer exhaust, road trip to Germany.. E-mark exhaust on for a weekend, now back to swap it again for the race muffler

these can's are very hot after a hour ride... i could not even hold it with gloves

after a ;ittle cooling the race can back on, mount the springs and give the pipe connecction some love taps with a rubber hammer so the pipe sets in before you fasten the bolts

off course the race mapping back in the bike

M2 Get 'r going... long time in the family, his Dad bought the bike and was one off the first old time dutch buelligans, as the bike was loved so much it was kept in the family, but long time no time or room for her.. now time to get her running again ... she has only 9000 km on here

we already made some assement on the work to be done to make up a budget , in take seals and carburator need care, so fuel tank off

and scare the bugs away :-)

little fuel in the tank , other wise best to support it flat with on some 2x4 wood .. so the tank will not sag

throttle cables out the handle

fuel filter with nasty stuf in and smells like paint stripper

support bracket off and carburator taken out the frame ( only hold on with a rubber press in seal , loose the throttle security brace

the intake flance bolts can be a bitch, a cut off 1/4 allen key will help to keep the heads nice

yep.. these are gone , leaking intake seals

bike was stored in a to wet place.. all the top parts aluminum is corroded, but the bottom it looks like new as it sould with so little km done

carb was already drained.. cleaned it anyway , and new rubbers...

the acceleration membrame douse not look bad

but with a rebuild kit comes a new one + spring i replace it

the float bowl screws ( philips head ) heads where almost gone.. some new screws with allen key work so nice here

new seals on the flanges and carb back in place

put the mounting bracket on with 2 screws to line up the carb , and put the breather bolts back on with a little hyrdaulic loctite

throttle cable back on and adjust the free play

choke cable on, not many people know the front screw you can adjust the clamping force on the pull rod so it will stay out

fuel filter cleaned and rinced.. there where no clamp on, but even as there is no reall fuel pressure, put a clamps on for security

nex.. contch swith is out bike douse not make contact anymore in the ignition switch, so we will replace this one

old one out

and new one in... new keys... will any tube key will work with the fuel cap, and we don't advice to use the steering lock ( seen to many people crash because they for got the steering lock )

with a little fuel in... she is running the first time in years

oil circulation . check

with most off the oil back on the oil tank. drain the oil

relative new plugs. but even these will not run on paint stripper fuel.. i will put some fresh ones in

as we need to do the gearbox oil .. exhaust needs to come off removing the front bracket

and the rear hanger bolts

with the exhaust removed, you have acces to the gearbox drain plug

needed ? wel looking at the i would say there is way to much watter in the oil

and the clutch cable boot was acting like a funnel , i will take careoff this later

fresh oil in and to level

clutch mechanism adjusted , and cover can be put back on

old oil filter off

new long filter to be mounted... prime it a little and wet the rubber ring

stock exhaust back on

checking the primairy .. hope the screws will play , as these can be a pain with the 5/32 allen

luckaly the screw came out easy.. chain is a little loose , check it 3 points int he chain and set the play on the tightest spot

the cut off allen key comes in handy again for the primairy tensioner shoo

steady hand , fresh engine oil back in

and tail section back on with the lugage straps

brake fluid long over due

will be happy with some fresh fluid

brake lever felt crunshy.. will clean and lube it

and scare off the visitors

rear brake fluid also looks like engine oil.. will do wonders with fresh fluid in

wheel bearings check.. the look corroded, but tube frame wheel bearings do not happen allot , these are feeling ok for now

after heating up the engine started to sputter a little.. fuel problem. draining some . good flow.. look i need to take apart the carb and do some adjusting