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25-5-2016 xb engine strip, quicky, M2 get m going

1-7-2016 - 25-5-2016 xb engine strip, quicky, M2 get'r going , xb not running fuel pomp

machine shop is freaking buzy so asked me to strip a engine that was brought in, speeds up the process , no problem...striping is easy 

rocker covers off

and loosen all the rocker box screws loose first the small ones

loosen the big ones evenly

rocker box off and pushrods out

work smarter not harder , head bolts can be tight , use a long wrench

heads off ... engine done little km after it was overhauld ? ( engine bearings are screaming again after a year )

carbon deposit in the bore , well that is not from a few km

some markings are in the bore visible

looks like the just put in new pistons and gave it a clean up hone

flat screw driver and hold theme tight so they don't fly off

off course you can hammer theme out , pulling is better with a pulling tool so the big end bearings don't get loaded

to much play here, noticeble

pistons and rings look like new

so splitting the case, timing pick up off

and camcover off

the cam train

shees oil pomp gear is almost gone... why they didn't replace this one

and slipping wrench marks on the nut

i will put a new one on the list for this one

just checking...oil pomp

large part is return,small part feed / pressure

some markings , but nothing serieus

positionpins out for the lifters

will ad these to to the list, noticeble surface wear

so other side to get to the case bolts

mnn engine has had its problems cover is welded

primairy off m shifter lever off

spacer rings / oil drip feed ring to the mainshaft bearings

and case bolts out

tap the cases to break the sealent , tap... not hammer

and you can split the cases... running marks in the right side race ... i think this is the one making noise again

shift fork sliders tapping out the case with a drift

press the gear box out main shaft looks good

put some zipties on the loose rings and spacers

seal ring out , came on the 04 model engines

and crank out , checking the inner rae

also some wear marks mnnn . now cleaning and off to the machine shop to measure and replae the bearings and check the cylinders

m2 after a long time...

really stored wrong .. first to see if we can make here run again

buell Xb12S ... douse run, 2 3 seconds after start , and dies... sounds like fuel pump ?

oil light douse not work... i think it will come back on, bike has been standing still way to long

so airbox off

fuel line off to check pressure

the gas smels stale

priming... this is all she got ...

and pressure drops right away... leak in the fuel pomp

as the fuel pomp still works... we pump the fuel out

rear wheel needs to come out

and support the bike

swing arm pivot loose

and take the swingarm axle out

fuel pomp connector off

and remove the fuel line

loosent he screws , and use 1 to use as lever point to get the fuel pump out

there is always a little fuel left here , with the swing arm loose to the side you can pul out the fuel pump

the problem, seals from the inline filter to the regulator are leaking

and the prefilter is gone...

c-clip off

and pull off the regulator

left over from the prefilter

i will protect the wires right away i see already some rubbing

the seals , will replace bought sides

new seals on the filter

and press the pump to getter again

wire protection on

and new o-rings on the pump housing

fuel pump back in

swingarm and wheel back in

and we have fuel pressure