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14-5-2016 trouble shooting XB12, 1125 belt check u

14-6-2016 - 14-5-2016 trouble shooting XB12, 1125 belt check up, XB9R belt replacement

trouble shooting a XB12... sometimes no power.. 
as like this out off winter with low fuel tank put away.. my first toughs are fuel pressure , airbox off

and fuel pressure meter mounted

priming... ignition on looks good

running.. fuel pressure stays level, and holds for some time when contact off

looking at the diagnotics.. mnnn tps zero ? i checked this before and set correctly.. .now back to zero ?

lets try with a new tps sensor , velocity stack off

the XB 2007 model year have a different tps sensor usualy marked with 2 red dots

you can replace it with the throttle body in place

check the new sensor if the notches are the same , we have seen some older model sensors been labeled wrong hard to spot the differance if you just have one in hand

new sensor on

connections back on

ziptie the wire to the fuel rail so the wire connection in to the sensor will not vibrate to much , first signs where ok.. but after a while the reading became zero again... mnnn need to have a closer look at the wire harness i think

nice 1125cr.. in to check the belt for noise..

mnnn 2010 wheel , a old model axle was in , customer replaced this already

pritty shure the wheel was in when the bike was bought... 3 bearing 2010 wheel , but is a 09 model no oil looking glass in the case

so belt idler back on.. i cleaned up the threads on the exhaust bolt, these can very easy be cross threaded

you see to the rubbing marks the pully has been toughing the swingarm , still a little noise while turning, but with a new bike ( and new belt ) these can be very tight, and make some noise turning the wheek

XB9R belt change.... mnnn interesting bottle ;-)

airdrive , will fix this

exhaust straps are put on the easy way...

can couse the front strap to tought the gound with bumps ect.

pinch bolt loose

and axle loose , needed the trusted breaker bar for this one

the 2003 original belt guards can be a pain to remove , al the little screws can be jammed or corroded , and the the top cover ones are hard to reach , rear one from behind

and middle one from behind

and the one just next to the brace

axle out.. and loosening the lover belt guard covers

with the axle out you can remove the swing arm brace

fout peg plate loose to get to the front brace bolts

front spacer hold the original cover

new belt on, don bent this one

belt on the wheel ,and axle in first but downed the brace

cover + spacers in place

and tighten the brace before you tension the belt

tighten the belt cover... use neverseas on these crews they can be a pain to loosen

and customer asked to put on his stickers