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11-9-2015 XR1200 oil leak, Uly service Stage 1

13-9-2015 - 11-9-2015 XR1200 oil leak, Uly service with a little extra, Uly power upgrade and case rack

XR1200 oil leak, the XR1200 is needed allot off love, as the bike was leaking oil on the most strange places , mostly loose connections, but this one was odd, and took some time for HD to deliver the drain hose , as this one is cracked 

XR1200 oil leak,, will ok this is how far i got to day :~( ... did i mention we are very bussy wink-emoticon phone , customers , bikes , email , hope to catch up a little tinker time on this bike to morrow 

Uly service, brought in for a small service, but with some repairs comming

Uly service, draining the oil... really the 2008 up engines are better 45000 km on this one , hard... and no reall signs off ware in the oil

Uly service, yep they do shake chin spoilers don't like it ... repaired with a aluminium plate riveted on 

Uly service, covers off , also for belt replacement 

Uly service, axle loose 15 turns to get the belt tension off

Uly service, desiced to take the wheel out , as the axle was binding on the bearings and pushed one out

Uly service, note the corrosion on the axle 

Uly service, funny that so little corrosion can be so strong 

Uly service, so cleaning the axle and grease r' up 

Uly service, belt change take out the nackered looking screws and i will put new ones in 

Uly service,new belt in place 

Uly service,first tighten the swingarm brace , fo the foot peg plate with a case rack starting the bolt helps

Uly service, when in dought... new belt , new wheel bearings as the tension on the new oem belts is very high

Uly service, checking primairy chain tension 

Uly service,checking the front end 

Uly service, the front fender covers , cover also the sight.. as the front fork seals are leaking , but owner did not notice this 

Uly service,, so front wheel out, and caliper off

Uly service,loosen the pinch bolts and the axle 

Uly service,and replacing the seals

Uly service, fork back to getter, lube the front axle and wheel back in

Uly service, running warm to check the oil level, and test ride

Uly service, as i notice the licence plate light was not working, remove the 2 nuts holing the light holder

Uly service, take out the fitting and bulb 

Uly service, replave for a new one , test it befor you put everything back, 

Uly power upgrade. very nice bike 
other wise called rust moval

Uly power upgrade, loosening the exhaust mounting points.. now to cool it a little , and do the other job

Uly power upgrade, mounting the case rack.. very rare for us to have a used set availeble, and was all ready spoken for before we had it , removing the screws in the undertray 

Uly power upgrade, mnn left handle grip is loose , will tighten it right away

Uly power upgrade, very easy rack to mount 

Uly power upgrade, on with the exhaust , off and disconect the valve cable 

Uly power upgrade, side stand off to mount the chin spoiler brackets 

Uly power upgrade, and a nice exhaust slipped on

Uly power upgrade, after tightening all releave the tension by tapping the header connection, and tightening the clamps 

Uly power upgrade, disconnect the solinoid cable and hook it out the cam , so this can move freely

Uly power upgrade, some heat shrink on the solinoid cable to protect against rubbing and ziptie behind the pully cover 

Uly power upgrade, right fuel mapping in the ecm... and test ride