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20-10-2016 brake pads 1125, X1 top end rebuild fin

4-11-2016 - 20-10-2016 brake pads Buell 1125, Buell X1 top end rebuild finish, Sportster shift lever

new pads in , push these down a little and push the pins in

loctite on the caliper bolts and hand tighten it

axle to 55 Nm

and caliper to 50 Nm

now first pull the brake lever a few times untill you have pressure... you will not be the first one after replacing brake pads pushing the bike ( or wors riding ) and grap the lever to the handle bar the first time you need it :-X

front fender on...

and push the bike down in the suspention a few times to set the front fork legs

than tighen the pich bolts

3e heat cycles on the X1.. she starts to run better by the seconde...

oil level is to max . will drain some untill to half way, if you fill it to max it will blow out the head breathers

fuel pressure filter nice clamps on

and ziptie it to the moutning bracket

rear fuel tank strap on

and front cover screws in the cover

lining out the side covers

and right side , ziptie the idle adjuster so it will not hang to loose

freaking clean X1

chin spoiler back on... using a O-rng under the washers helps ti clamp it down better

the 3 hand job... placing spacers en screws and taking pictures ;-)

as the bike is so nice a little cleaning to make here shine

very clean and low km done

the customer is thinking off selling it as life is a little in the way at the moment , if your interested we can bring you in contact

883 mishap..

bike has been down left side and the shift lever is binding when hot

so off the lever

you can't see it very good, but it is bend

loosening the outer clutch cable adjuster

inspection cover off

to get the clutch cover off , the foot rest needs to come off

heavy piece Milwaukee iron... can take a beeting ... but the mounting bolts heads are F&cked up, to many people with non fitting tools

primairey chain tension off

and draining the gearbox fluid

i love the smell off burned redline D4 ;-) this is a rental bike... and people are not kind to it.. even with it's full 40 HP off the 883 engine they strangle the clutch

carbon clutch plate debris... will clean it out and change the oil

as we need to get to the shift lever... the primairy needs to come off , so pulling plate out to get to the mainshaft nut

and remove the nut + conical washer ( right hand threads )

front nut as well ( normal threads )

pulling the primairy off a better look at the lever

now clearly visible it is bent

new shifter in

primairy back on and red loctite on the threads

cover back on and now you have some free play, and smooth movement

blue loctite on the cover screws

and tighten the cover spiraling out

a aftermarket clutch was mounted, best to use D4 ATF , with stock gearbox oil the clutch can creap when cold

mechanisme on and adjsuted

we trow these away

and put some new ones in

and adjsuting the primairy chain again, check on 3 positions on the chain