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12-5-2016 1125CR last things... XB12X service , XB

14-6-2016 - 12-5-2016 1125CR last things... XB12X service , XB crash repair

the orginel pod cover are under the fairing...

left side and lower piece slide on

and hanging in place, not much ground clearance

and right side on , nice 

mounting back the airfilter baseplate , noticed the breather hose was pinched under the base plate , spitting oil underneight, when pinched so long the rubber can be subborn , leave it turned insode out will help during mounting

base plate and idle aircontrol bypass hose connected and secured with a ziptie to the valve , check if the throttle douse not stick when you push the airbox down

and fresh brake fluid off course

with the pods in critical leak point for brake fluid... just better to be safe than sorry

and fresh brake fluid in the clutch system, this fuild can get dirty real fast

and rear brake as last... test ride... really nice 1125 :-)

Uly time !! in for overall maintenace

drain while hot , to get the most out

not sure when the last oil change was, but little debris is starting to collect on the drain plug, note and clean it and check this with the next oil change..

old model side stand pivot check if this is loose , this one was

clean the threads

red loctite on, and screw it back in

using a spring puller is usefull to get the side stand spring back on

checking primary chain tension

and front spark plug from below

wheel bearing check.. would not be needed as we recently replaced theme... check anyway 

belt was also replaced recently good way to check is on the idler pully as the belt bends a little open

i checked the rear shock as a metal sound was heard over short bumps, bolt was tight , but retightened it under load

new brake pads in for the rear

do not overtighten the lock cap ! the next person need to loosen this will have a problem

time to check the front end

and take the airbox off to replace the rear spark plug , and check / clean the airfilter

new plug in

spark plug cables have been rubbing , will replace this one for the new model with angled booth , these rubb less

so front end out , brake caliper off

wheel bearings are good to go

with the forks out easy check the ground connections to the front off the frame

a little isolation tape goose a long way to protect the top cap nut from scaring the soft aluminium

as the previeus owner lowered the bike with shorter forks , but these need to be as low as they can in the tripple t to have good stearing

wheel back in and caliper back to 50 Nm with sime loctite

preload the suspention a few times so the forks will set on the axle

chin spoiler back on... use loctite on these bolts.. they vibrate

mnnn will replace this

little cleaning off the compensating membrame

and fresh rear brake fluid

bike was dealer maintenance... for me a wonder how the could not do the BAS sensor upgrade , as this was a recall ? ( empty place here where the relocated Bank angle sensor should have been ) bike douse not have trouble with it .. but i will discuss this with the owner.. test ride 

xb12 chrash repair , left side dammage

mnnnn that is one way to route a clutch cable !! i will do the better 

wat was left over from the shifter off and old clutch cable out

new clutch cable on.. screw it in straight

and easy to put some lubrication on the threads now

gearbox oil in and clutch mechnisme back on

shifter , bolt and spacer bushing to go back on

old foot peg home made thingy off

little loctite on the screws will help theme stay on

mnn.. we tried the shifter before... but now with the lever on , only down is possible

not up ... i need to take off the cover and see .. i think the shifter mechnisme spring came off ?

new foot peg plate on..