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30-4-2015 Xb lower end, trouble shooting XB.

1-5-2015 - XB Lower end, crank bearings where shot, and customer brought in the crank... on request added the cases, so this could be fixed properly


XB Lower end, gearbox was removed for easy handeling and line lapping the crank bearings.


XB Lower end, new left bearing.


XB Lower end, new race on the crank.


XB Lower end, races in the case lapped in line and made to size.


XB Lower end, and right bearing replaced, and crank alined ( it was out off alinement )


XB Lower end, pressing back the gearbox ( pre 06 / old model ) the loose spacer rings can be a pain.


XB Lower end, having a little pressing tool helps allot.


XB Lower end, becarefull pressing in the gearbox axles, seen to many times the c-clip edge pressed of because the gearbox axles are pressed in wrong.


XB Lower end, prepping the shifter forks.


XB Lower end, push in the shifter drum and rotate the forks in the shifter drum and tap the sliding axles in the casing.


XB Lower end, if you have it apart like this... replace the main bearing, i could feel play in it and i see these go bad more , big ass c-clip pliers to get the c-clip out.


XB Lower end, and press the 5e gear out off the bearing.


XB Lower endand press the bearing out.


XB Lower end, new bearing in using a stamp.


XB Lower end, big ass c-clip back in.


XB Lower end, while we are at it , replace the inner bearrings to for the mainshaft.


XB Lower end, i like to use the puller to pull in the 5e gear.


XB Lower end, stuff back in place , and put to getter for transport, the customer will rebuild the rest.


troubeled Xb, a other shot, dropping the engine again.


troubeled Xb, a other shot, checking the line out on the throttle , as it did feel a little sticky, and throttle body back in.


troubeled Xb, a other shot, basic checks.. as i suspect every thing now.. resistance is good.


troubeled Xb, a other shot, checking timing cup is put on right.


troubeled Xb, a other shot, and checking timing again.