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Buell XB9S, service, wheel change and Micron

16-4-2019 - nice Buell XB9S, service, wheel change and installing micron

strip here down , as about all needs to be loosened , wheels change and exhaust change.

engine rotated down to get to the rear header nuts

mnn rear pvc valve looks like been leaking 

i think it has some thing to do with the breather hose being blocked

will clean some and route the hose better , as the pcv valve tested o

bling... some one has spend serieus time in polishing this micron set

micron header pipes are squire.

best to use flat gaskets for these 

rear header on 

sort off in place , about a 3 cm from the point cover , and engine can go up 

front header on lyning up with the downpipes 

front piece tighten the nuts 

micron mullfer on.. needed a little spacing to work bette

and better to spacer out the belt tensioner , as it is slamming into the rear exhaust saddle ( wiith the risk it breaks off )

checking the line , needed spacers to fit better.. flat and pipes better, and oil lines in the clear

mnnn rear wheel bearings ( needed new bearings ) bearings have been broken at some point ,old spacer was left in

you see how thin.. the wall had become.. and this is no longer strong to hold the bearings free of tension .. we have put a new one in

new color wheel back on

micron..exhaust , mount the right scoop first 

exhaust on and down pipes on , we use a small amount off exhaust sealer on the pipes to seat theme better , tighten the clamps good have seen these slip ons rattle , and so destroiing the pipe connection

little cleaning 

cleaning the k&N filter

and recharging 

bike swapped aroung.. the licenceplate just the right angle 

and servicing the front end