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2-11-2016 XB 12SS last thing for service XB 88 CI

20-11-2016 - What did we do today 2-11-2016 Buell XB 12SS last thing for service, Buell XB12 88CI engine build

very nice and clean Xb12SS was in for a service check, could do with a new front tyre to ride next year with out problems

so pinch bolt loose

and axle loose

loosen the brake caliper bolts

line up the slots for the 8 piston caliper with the spokes not to damage the wheel

new tyre on the wheel, caliper back on, put drop off loctite on the bolts , i find it works easier to first mount the caliper and than put the axle in, in some cases the front axle can cross thread in the frok leg

axle cleaned and lightly coated with lubrication grease . you can screw it in with a finger

set to TQ Left hand threads 55 NM

and tighten the caliper bolts 50 NM

pump the brake to pressure before you do anything else

front fender on, a light grade loctite can be used

push the suspention down a few times to set the front fork on the axle

and tighen the axle pich bolts

and she is ready to go in winter sleep with a fresh start in spring

XB88 project... time to put the cases to getter again , important to degrease the mating surface very good

small detail drilling the hole through, so we can make a bolt with nuts , as the normal bolt douse not fit here anymore

we choise to go for a 2008 up crank , as these are stronger than the old ones

one end in

crank bearing on and the c-clip on

and if every thing is good... the cases should slide on with ease

long an short case bolts a little red loctite on these

and fastening these starting from the middle

22 Nm for all off theme

for not the rod rattle free securely mounted

case drain plug back in with some hydro loctite

oil pressure check valve in ( the bal and sping )

front oil cooler line fitting on

and oil pressure switch in

no last time to check the gearbox, run the shifter drum a few time trough all the gears, and turn the mainshaft

gearbox breahter pipe back on

speed sensor in, ( i don't like these open holes )

and thightened

rear engine isolator

red loctite on the screw... a cut off 1/4 allen key is very very usefull

we marked the tappeds when we removed these , so they would go back in there original position

a wet finger off redline startup grease and the tappeds go in

the tapped guide pins can go back in

and checking the slots are free

so these are in, some tape to keep theme clean

this bake was a 2006 model so the oil pump gear was already replaced

lyning ip the cams

with the pignon gear in place

gear nut red loctite and tighten

oil pump back in... i leave the cover off for now you you can see what happens

the XB engines have less problems with the oil pump gear... you see here the outlining is already allot better than the old tube frame models

new camcover seal in

last change to oil up the big end , before i put the cover on

plastic wire guide on

timing cup on

and setting the timing , as we marked this dismounting the bike

will be ok to start.. and check from there

a nice cover need to be on...

will make some nice screws to

little loctite on these cover screws to prevent these from ratteling

breather line fitting back in the cam cover

line it up as good as it goos

new end drive seal in, prelube these a pittle

the swing arm axle pinchbolt and a counter party

the nut is jammed in the swingarm i give here a little tap so she bites in the alumium

counter shat retainer

put it on, when the axles come loose can mean they will not to steer anymore

ok crank seals , first the steel ring in

than the crank seal

needs to go in just furhter as the little slot

so the slot can contain the c-cli[ for the oil seal

the spacer,, heavy marks visivle

with a little scrotch brite you can clean up the latest proposal

stator back on, i know it cam off the bike like this , but i don't like the wire bridge , seen to many bikes break it

so i take this off upfront,

a little dap off silicone on the case

and some on the stator plug, to ensure a good connection

special gearbox ring back on

and the shifter lever back on

she looks sweet with the primairy cover on

cleaning off the cased off the spilled glue

starter motor back on

now i first need to make the custom center bolt
so we can mount the cylinders