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6-2-2015 X1 belt and pulley change, finishing 1125

12-2-2015 - Buell X1, belt change. Buell 1125CR service finish.

X1, belt change, loosening the pulley lock plate, having a old belt come in handy to hold the pulley.


X1, belt change, powertools are very usefull to remove the nut , righty loos


X1, belt change, pulley off the cap came loose and the 5e gear/ main shaft bearings looked dry, the center off the cap is rubber, pushing a little hole in there, and with a oil can you can force some fresh oil in the bearings, as the double row needle bearings don't get lubricated by the gear box oil while running.


X1, belt change , new front replacement pulley on , they look very good for the price 


X1, belt change , the lock plate will always fit , oneway or the other.


X1, belt change , loctite on the lock plate nuts, i have seen these come out , and destroying a belt :-X


X1, belt change , loosen the right footpeg plate, to make room for the belt.


X1, belt change , the nuts on the back are half sunk in the frame tubes , press theme down with your finger so they will not spin.


X1, belt change , loosen the rear axle nut.


X1, belt change , and screw in the belt tensioners.


X1, belt change , foot peg plate off, can be needed to lift the frame a little to slide the belt through.


X1, belt change , belt in place, foot peg plate back.


X1, belt change , line up the frame and plate, by lifting the frame, us some protection not to damage.


X1, belt change , and fasten the plate screws.


X1, belt change , belt over the rear pulley don't force it to much, better to screw the adjusters in to give the belt more slack.


X1, belt change , fender screws back in, a bit off neverseas, so they will not corrode in the wellnuts.


X1, belt change , adjust the belt tension, new belts will strech a little during the first few 100 kilometers, so check it after some riding.


X1, belt change , pulley cover back on.


X1, belt change rear brake pads where shot , so will put a pair off fresh ones in.


X1, belt change , the pin holding the pads is clearly showing holes from rattleling, best to replace a pin like this , as the brake pads will not more freely and will snag on the pin


X1, belt change , new pads in and mount everything back on


X1, belt change, fasten the pin and screw on the lock cap with a little neverseas.


X1, belt change, checking oil level after warmup , half way = good.


1125CR service finish , customer did not want us to change the cam. so finishing the engine rotation, putting back the side pods.


1125CR service finish , coolant to level.


1125CR service finish , other side pod back on.


1125CR service finish , front fork oil change, clean up the lower sliders, colapsing theme like this will hurt the seals.


1125CR service finish , checking the settings off the rebound , before removing the top caps.


1125CR service finish with tension off the sping by the holding tool , you cn unscrew the top cap / rebound adujstment needle.


1125CR service finish, fresh fork oil in m and rebuilding the front end.


1125CR service finish , routing the brake line now on the out side off the leg, so the brake linne will not get could between the front fender and the tyre ( was a modification )


1125CR service finish , wheel back in and tighten the brake caliper.


1125CR service finish , exhaust system back on.


1125CR service finish , after the stator & rotor upgrade, best to remove the HD patch , as it makes the bike charge bad under 5000 rpm.