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20-2-2016 Buell XB starter motor clutch repair

1-5-2016 - 20-2-2016 Buell XB starter motor clutch repair

Buell XB12X 2008, bike douse not start anymore, but starter turns but douse not engage the engine

we need to remove the primairy cover to get to the mounting bolts, drain the oil

open the clutch inspection cover

and remove the clutch mechanisme

shifter mechanisme off

and remove the tension from the primairy chain adjuster

cover bolts loose and out

place a oil catch pan, tactical because some oil will still come out if you take off the cover

the culprit , should only be able to run 1 way , but this one turns bought ways very easy

ok now first the battery power off , as we need to remove the thick feed on the starter motor

pulley cover off

peel out the hairclips on the jiffy tight oil line fittings , of the breather and return oil line

remove the oil line bracket

removing the foot peg bracket to get better acces

an pull out the oil lines

solinoid feed to the starter motor, needs to little push under the connector to unlock it

and the speedo sensor lock tab is on the rear off the sensor ( can be a pain to loosen this, in that case take out the sensor with connector compete )

speed sensor removing , it is hold in with 1 bolt

speed sensor out... becare full you don't drop in anything in the hole ( gearbox )

safety magnet is usefull when you loosen the 12 v power feed to the starter motor

to make a little more room loosen the rear tie rod on the frame side , so you can turn it away

now we can start to loose the startermotor

the lower bolt can be just reached if you turn the clutcth basket between 2 teeth

the lower bolt is hard to remove with the basket on, so remove the upper bolt first and push the starter motor back so the lower bolt will not get jammed to the clutch basket

with the zipties cut from the wires place theme to the sides and wiggle the startermotor out

with the starter motor out, remove the gasket and remove the 2 bolt holding the front piece off the starter motor

and remove the long studs

now you can pull off the front end off the startermotor with the geardrive and starterclutch

inside the starter clutch assembly is a steel bal to press the bendix out , if it is all greased up can be easely forgotten, but essential !

now you can tap out the starter clutch is is hold by a o-ring on the support bearing

the old starter clutch out

and the gear reduction

the new starter clutch and some cleaning ready to be assembled

little greas on the oring and press in the new starter clutch

gear reduction back in and lubricate heavy with thick grease , and put the ball back in and assemble the startermotor again

wiggled the startermotor back in and position the 2 bolts start with the lower one, not to get jammed to the clutch basket

new gasket on, and put the primairy cover back on , tighten from the middle to the sides

fresh oil in to level


loosen the outer clutch cable adjuster to have enough clearance to adjust the clutch ball and ramp mechansme correctly

clutch mechanisme hooked back on the cable and set the freeplay ( lightly bottoming and 1/4 turn loose ) , and adjust the outer cable adjuster so the lever has 2-3 mm freeplay

cover back on

shifter back on

bike on a rear stand, in 5e gear and adjust the primairy chain tension , 10,5 mm on the tighest spot.. measure at least on 3 spots on the chain by bumping the engine around

battery feed cable back on the startermotor

speed sensor back in

put the hairclips back in the oil lone connectors and push the oil lines back in , check if there secure

hook up the neutral switch and oil pressure switch again

startermotor soliniod connector back on and mount the oil line bracket back

bundle the wires over the startermotor and ziptie theme to getter in a way they cannot tough the header pipe

tierod back on , and test smile-emoticon works like new again