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24-8-2016 XB broken key, 1125R troubleshooting

15-9-2016 - 24-8-2016 Buell XB broken key, Buell 1125R troubleshooting, Buell XB with brake issues

simple enough ? 

on not, customer had only 1 key... and that one is broken in the fuel cap... we can wait for 4 weeks on new cut to code keys, or replace the lock set... last option was prefered as sthe locks don't look that good anymore and fuel cap is needed anyway 

as the bike was on the steering lock, we had already unscrewed the contact lock so we could handle the bike better 

ok easy things first... new fuel cap 

ignition switch with steering lock new one in 

the security screws have been tampered with as the studs in the middle is broken out, they will still work 

electical cables in place moving on the the last lock , the seat lock 

we can do it the hard way and force the seat lock out, but even a broken key will work... only need the bit that is in the fuel cap 

so push the rod out from the fuel cap , and take the cap off 

saw off the end off the key cylinder, 

and take the pin out and the key code plates —

and with a small piece off rod i could push out the broken off piece

broken off piece in first, and than the key 

and presto, seat off with out damaging

now the lock out, take off the holder clip

pull the lock out a little so you can turn it to unhook the pull cable to the lock 

old one out 

and new one in 

and working 

very nice color scheme 1125R in for trouble shooting , as she douse not run idle very well

as the shop where the bike was, had contacted us as they tried to reflash the ecm , but could not ... i frist see if the ecm is bricked , as we reflashed this ecm a long time ago and should run perfect ( i think the exhaust has changed in the mean while ) 

ok so much for trouble shooting, battery to low to even start the bike... i will give it a few hours on the charger

xb brake trouble... clacking noise and jutter , easy way to check lift the front wheel and draw some lines on the disk with a sharpy 

lightly aply the bike and look at the wear pattern all around the disk... this one is warped —

taking the wheel out and check the bearings , as i feel the spacer bushing is way to loose , indication the spacer is to small or bearings are on there way out

bearings taken out and replaced, the spacer was still long enough , unscrewing the disk 

fresh loctire on the mounting bolts , and tq to 35 Nm 

clean off the old loctite from the caliper bolts

front back in... axle to tq 

press down the front end to set the forks 

and tighen the pinch bolts —

big service xb12ss ready...for test ride

and other one nearly ready for the big service , working on the front end 

brake pads change 6 pot... line up the wheel good and you would not need to loosen the wheel , pin out 

loosen the caliper bolts and press the pistons back to take out the old pads 

rear one is a little fidely , but turn it out to the center off the rim

with the caliper still loose, mount the new pads in 

and tighten the caliper bolts and pad holder pin 

diagnose bad running xb9rs ( R model converted to S front ) you see where all the electics went , not optimal as the big wire harness of the R is not really make to bend to much , the error code was leaking intake seal , we make a apointment after the customers holiday

the 1125R had time to charge the battery, took a stock ecm to test if the ecm is bricked , but still runs the same... on 1,5 cylinder front one douse not run properly 

rear one is burning full , ok checking the front coil connector first

this bike was just serviced ? no idea why the did not notice the MAP sensor is upside down , as watter can run in the sensor like this , and looking at he not stock stator wires they have been working in this aria —

mnn stock airfilter , airbox off 

and airbox baseplate off , still no good look at the connector 

front airscoop off and checking the front coil connector, is in place and locked .. ok will contact the shop , as i really want to replace the sparkplugs first now