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27-2-2019 X1 cylinder check 1125R engine mounting

29-10-2019 - What did we do today 27-2-2019 Buell X1 cylinder check, Buell 1125R engine mounting

with the 3e heat cycle , i did hear something that was not as it should be. better safe than sorry.. and have a look. so opening here up — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

exhaust of the bike

and headers nuts of

to turn the header out

bal point allen keys work very well with the force intake

mounting bracket of

and rocker covers of

rocker box spacer out

and loosening the rockerbox.. you see almost no oil in the rocker box.. as a sign has only run 20-30 seconds , takes longer for the oil to get in the top off the engine , so important to lube during mounting very good

top mounting bracket loose

and front engine mount loose , to have better acces

loctite was on good :-)

engine jacked up a little , to have better acces to the front cover screws

spacer out

and loosen the front with bal allen

throttle bodie out

left every thing on

push rods out...

and head bolts can be loosened — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

rear head of ..

looks good

mnnn .. don't like this ... was the noise scraping rings

piston and rings look ok .. no markings what so ever

these will go out to the engine shop to clean hone the bores.. as there was very little heat, put in the engine and the very rough hone.. corrodes very quick :-(

1125 engine placement

engine was read.. now back in

first rear header on

and mounting the swing arm to the engine

now first put the fuel pump cover on.. and route the wires

ground point to the frame ... you need to take out the stud to remove the cable

so cable back in and turn the stud in

and nuts tighten

half way there, engine is in

starter motor cable connecting

tighthen the swingarm axle

speed sensor and O2 sensor wire ziptied to the the frame , out the way of the header

front header on

engine mounts bolts

frotn supports . loosely bolts in

and tighten

clutch line to the cover

side stand on

sidestand switch holder back on

is hold on with 1 bolt

oil cooler

bracket in place ,not to tight yet — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

lower bracket loosely mounted

the front pully has allot of play..

i shim the crush drive out to remove the freeplay

and front puly back on

little oil / grease on the bearings , and push the end cap on

oil cooler a little loose, and mount the radiator hose left - right

in position for the radiator

cooling fan connector on

left side on ..

a little grease on the uly tubes make the hoses slide on better

and left side on

rear brake fluid line mounted

fits right in the slot

was a thing with the belt.. yeah.. not going to use this one

as the belt is starting to crack on more places

swingarm spacer out

axle pich bolt loose and loosen the axle

rear brake caliper of

as i realy want to check the rear bearings.. as these have been replace at the last shop .. mnnn ok.. shit

glued in and obset the aluminium hub.. will hold untill next bearings.. wil notify the customer

anyway belt on

and left foot peg / idler assembly

now first the swing arm piece in

before you tighten the rear axle... these new belts are tight as a string.... and need some time to strech and will start to run to the edge

other thing. front of the exhaut all brackets where broken

not a perfect welder, but it will hold ;-)

exhaust on rear mounts

and front checking for tension and tightening the clamps

smart move to mark the brackets...

throttle cables on

soliniod cable loose and bind the throttle slides to getter

coulant in

electrics check

and engine oil in.. to morrow last checks..