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21-6-2014 Buell Xb12X, Xb12XT, 1125Cr.

24-6-2014 - Buell Xb12X, leaking fork seal. Buell Xb12XT 2010, chek up. Buell 1125Cr, battery change.

 Xb12X, leaking fork seal.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, really ?


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, everything is covert in fork oil.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, removed the brake caliper.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, to also clean the caliper inside.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, will clean the wheel also a little, will leave enough for the owner to clean the wheel him self.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, scratches in the leg, with some fine scotch brite in cross pattern , gently remove the scratching ( when not to deep )


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, just something i like to do, to prevent the oil seal holding clip to rattle / scratch the leg.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, notched the front wheel bearings also had the best off times, start with buell Xb / 1125 always with the brake disk side as this is the side that will make the wheel position ( alignment ) press until the bearing seats.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal , pressing the bearings in the right way is important, as the spacer is larger than the bearing seats in the wheel.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, leave the bearing support pressing plates ( flat ) in so the inner and outer race are bought supported , this way you can not give to much preload on the bearings, to much preload will shorten they life off the bearings.


Xb12X, leaking fork seal, cleaned the caliper, new pads as they where soaked in oil.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, customer all the way from Belgium for a check up.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, neutral light was not working with hot engine.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, measured the resistance off the neutral switch, to much to free the start inhibitor and the neutral light to come on.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, change oil filter and drain oil.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, replacing neutral switch, loosen the locking plate on the front pulley.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, turn the rear axle out, untill the belt tension is off.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, left hand threats , and they can be a Bitch, to loosen, fine threats and the use off loctite, you really need allot off force to loosen the nut.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, with the nut removed, you can take the pulley off, and remove the neutral switch cable.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, a slim narrow wall 5/8 socket, to remove the switch.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, new switch in, looks resistance looks allot better.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, front pulley back on, airtools are really helpfull.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, positioning the locking plate back on the pulley, there is always a position the screws are covered.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, little thing to notice, bike has only done 12000 km, but the shift lever was not tightened correctly at the factory, loctite was not broken on the screw. but i could move it almost 5 deg. on the shifter shaft.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, the movement possible, when left like this the bike vibrations will ware out the splines on the shifter lever.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, cleaned, the splines and put the shifter lever back on and tighten the screw, no more movement.


Buell Xb12XT 2010, really use loctite on these screws... they have a habit of falling out.


Buell 1125Cr, battery change... really like this windscreen... think of putting it in our webshop ? it works perfect on high speeds and superbike bar.