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08-11-2014 Buell XB12 installing digi gear counter

28-1-2015 - XB12X intake seals / engine rotation more detailed , XB12SX 2010 installing digi gear counter. If people like to see older articles and maintenance TIPS go here:

XB12X intake seals, coughing and backfiring low rpms , we had detected leaking intake seals already.


XB12X intake seals , airbox cover off.


XB12X intake seals , removing the air filter base plate.


XB12X intake seals , pull out the breather hosed and the intake air sensor out the base plate.


XB12X intake seals , take the rubber velocity stack off.


XB12X intake seals , remove the injector fuel line, push the line forward, press in the red tab ( older models ) and pull the line off (!! be careful as there can be still pressure in the system !!! ) 


XB12X intake seals , and the fuel line can leak some fuel , loose the upper tie rod on the engine mount.


XB12X intake seals , remove chin spoiler.


XB12X intake seals , remove the pulley cover.


XB12X intake seals , mnnn always look at you belt , this one is getting ware signs.


XB12X intake seals , right side air scoop off.


XB12X intake seals , loosen the outer cable tensioner.


XB12X intake seals , left side airscoop off , little ratchet with bit works so great for this


XB12X intake seals, remove the V-brace bolts front.


XB12X intake seals, and rear.


XB12X intake seals, get the clutch cable out.


XB12X intake seals, and loose the cable.


XB12X intake seals, some exhaust can stay on, Uly has enough ground clearance and we can support the engine with the use off some piping.


XB12X intake seals, take the weight off the engine with the jack , and loosen the front mount bolt.


XB12X intake seals, with the weight off the engine you should be able to unscrew the bolt by hand.


XB12X intake seals, loosen the throttle cables.


XB12X intake seals, depending on what type off exhaust, the belt guard can stay on or needs to be removed, this one the pipe would hit the guard so i take it off .


XB12X intake seals, lower the jack,rotating the engine down and easy acces to the injector plugs, take theme off.


XB12X intake seals, loose the left side hex bolts.


XB12X intake seals, and the mounting screw to the bracket.


XB12X intake seals, right side bobble extentions and ball bit helps allot.


XB12X intake seals, but if the screws are tight , please use a allen key.. a cut one will work best , and will leave the screw heads nice.


XB12X intake seals, when loosened removing with the wobble joint is easy.


XB12X intake seals, loosen the coil , tps plugs an pull theme out the way.


XB12X intake seals, and you can take the intake manifold out.


XB12X intake seals, vacuum port cap is cracked , replace for fresh one


XB12X intake seals, clean the cylinders heads.


XB12X intake seals,so the surface is clean and smooth.


XB12X intake seals, check the flanges they should be a little warped , to compensate for the seal pressing.


XB12X intake seals,we like to check the intake manifold to check for dimentions and choise in intake gaskets this one is thight, and normal intake seals will do 


XB12X intake seals,cleaning the intake manifold , take the idle screw out and put some neverseas on the screw.


XB12X intake seals,, new seals on, and put the throttle body back on.


XB12X intake seals,, start the screws.


XB12X intake seals,and put the side screw back in , and evenly tighten all the screws.


XB12X intake seals, before rotating back put the ziptie for the idle adjuster screw back over the v-brace.


XB12X intake seals,, injector plugs back on... green = rear.


XB12X intake seals,and make sure with rotating the engine back up , no sensors or line can be pinched.


XB12X intake seals, half way up, guide the v-brace in the frame slots.


XB12X intake seals, engine all the way up , clean the mount bolt.


XB12X intake seals,, and put some never seas on it, you will enjoy this the next time you need to rotated the engine.


XB12X intake seals, with the engine still supported tighten the mount bolt to 66NM.


XB12X intake seals,, and tighten the V-brace.


XB12X intake seals, belt guard back on.


XB12X intake seals, hook in the throttle cables , and plug in the coil, tps and the fuel line back on.


XB12X intake seals,tighten the upper tie rod , holding the cable a little will prevent it from turning with to much tension.


XB12X intake seals,new vacuum port cap.


XB12X intake seals,velocity stack back on.


XB12X intake seals, pull the breather hoses trought the air filter base plate, and push the temp sensor back in.


XB12X intake seals,position the base plate in the rubber slot off the velocity stack.


XB12X intake seals , base plate screws back in airfilter on.


XB12X intake seals, throttle cables back on.


XB12X intake seals, and test if the throttle is not sticking, usualy to little free play if there sticking.


XB12X intake seals, cluch cable back on.


XB12X intake seals, and adjust the other cable.


XB12SX 2010, gear indicator.


XB12SX 2010, gear indicator flyscreen off as most the feeds will come from the speedometer plug.


XB12SX 2010, gear indicator, gear indicator on


XB12SX 2010, gear indicator, customer thought is wasplug an play  yeah almost.


XB12SX 2010, gear indicator, as for the Buell models we also need to pull a wire from the indictor to the ecm to get a good rpm signal.