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28-2-2018 S1 coating, XB12SCG front end, XB9

29-5-2018 - What did we do today 28-2-2018, Buell S1 coating parts, Buell XB12SCG frontend, Buell XB9R service belt and and drive seal , Buell XB12SS handguards, Buell XB12 88CI on the dyno


this is going to be nice.. S1WL restauration .. frame and wheels coated for the owner... he is going to rebuild the frame, we rebuild the engine

on with the XB12SCG 09 front wheel check

yep off factory not much lube is used

and the caliper bolts are very tight. of the loctite used

line up the slot in the caliper to align other wise you cnnot remove the 8 pod caliper

my 9 o clock arrived... small check up, letting here warm up as it is freezing at the moment

battery pole checl

note light douse not work... what you see is parking light

some grease on the sidestand so this moves easy

first need to clean the swingarm.. no way i take the cap off with so much dirt on it

oil drain out

typical xb9 / first models engine. last service was about 11000 km ago.. the pick up some metal debris, if this gets wors we need to open the engine


rear wheel checl .. brake caliper of

and belt guard removed

note the oil behind the pully, looks like seal , or bearing end drive is getting bad

anyway.. wheel bearings are good to go

this is still the first belt.. now with 46000 km it starts to dry crack.. time to replace this one

multiple places the back is cracked

pew lucky this came out.. clean and neverseas on this screw

the belt guard needs to removed to replace the belt

later on we need to replace the brake light switch.. so i take the wing off

and i will have a look behind the pulley, so the lock plate loose

rear axle loose so the belt tension is off

rear peg plate loose to get the swingarm brace of

with the belt tension of you can take this out

frotn pully removed to have a look at the seal

the main drive bearings douse not feel to bad, so will replace the seal

take the spacer out

and clean this with some scotchbrite

prelube the new seal with some oil on the lip.. and put it on

push a oil can spout throug the end cap center and give it some squirts off oil, to lube the needle bearings inside , and tap a new cap back on

frotn pully back on righty loose , lefty tighty ;-)

perfect get me home spare belt

new belt on and loctite on the lock plate screws

spacer put back in the 2 belt guard halfs

on the 2 long bolts some neverseas

swing amr brace mounted and the axle can be turned in

lower belt guard front.. 3 pieces 1 screw

use neverseas / lube on these.. when these corrode on.. you will have a very hard time removing the belt guard

foot peg bracket on

and pully cover on , hold the inside cover so it is aligned

on with the sevice.. dip stick cleaned ,and filling with oil

checking and setting the primairy chain tension

draining the rear brake system

to replace the malfunctioning switch

new switch , use new crush washers , and bleed the rear system

time for the front end check

bearings feel good..

wheel back in and pump the brake to pressure

mnnn light not working is a HID light , binded to getter under the fairing

playing with the cables the light came on.. loose contact

front brake fluid

could do with some fresh , last time was 2015

a little cleaning of the brake lever pivot and anvil.. feels so much better

pressing down the front end to set the front forks

and warming up to check and set the oil level..

quicky mounting the handguard as the came in.. remove the old short pivots

and use the longer ones in the mounting kit

spacers on below

and handguard mounted... made the vibration dampers special so bought barend mirrors as handguards could be mounted

screws on. and this one is also ready to go

back to our XB12SCG.. axle greased.. and wheel back in

with a new front tyre as the 10 year old ones are hard to trust

pushing the suspention to set the forks

and tighen the pinch bolts

this is in also 10 years... wil replace the brake fluid

and a little cleaning on the lever pivot

plastic end caps off

and nice and heavy stainless ones in.. also to prepair for bar end mirrors

eeehhh close , but no koekie


meeehhh cleaning the battery terminal and di-electric grease on

next 88 CI on the dyno to run in the first few km... mucho cold in the dyno... i think when we put it on we have ice forming inside