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25-2-2016 xb9 2003 , xb12 engine knock

1-5-2016 - 25-2-2016 xb9 2003 , xb12 engine knock

xb engine back from the machine work shop, ready to be put to getter

big end pin was broken ( engine had a knock )

pinion bearing was pitted

rod races run out

the old big end bearing rolls

and the repaired crank with new pin alined and welded to make it a stronger assembly

after a little cleaning, the gearbox shafts in the press stand as the loose rings on the left side ( primairy side ) make it very hard to press in , and make sure noting is dammaged. and this prevents pressing errors like pressing out the c-clip slot in the case

shafts in , check the shifter forks the steel roller is still free ( old style 2003-2005 xb gear box )

shifter forks in the gears, hold theme out a little and push the shifter drum in

some sealer on the case halves carefully slide theme to getter, rotating the gear shafts helps the cases come to getter

case halves , loctite on the care bolts and i like to start in the middle with tightening

spacer ring on the sprocket side, after some oil is sprayed in the bearing

some assembly in lube, on the oil seal

with a stamp mounting the seal is easy smile-emoticon

the oil seal spacer to the sprocket , you can clean the surface with some fine sotchbrite , clean and put some assembly lube on the surface

spacer in and stator mounted, some silicone on the plug to seal better, and a little bed off silicone to hold the wires from vibrating to the protective plate

check the gearbox if it will shift in all gears

as the gearbox is now sealed, we need to prevent things from falling in... speed sensor in

and mounting the rear engine mount, alsways a pita as you cannot acces the bolts really good

high performance oil pump gear, stock on the 06 up defenaly a upgrade for the older XB models

tappeds back in place , marked for position, coated with assembly lube

xb cams type E marked from 1 to 4 ( front to rear ) put theme in with some assembly lube

all cams in and alined to the marking points

prime the crank with a oilcan so the bigend bearings have plenty off oil, the oil flow feed comes from the gearcover, that is why the pignon side crank end is important ( and the bronze bushing in the cover )

new oil seal for the timing cup cam

and cover on with fresh gasket

timing cup on the cam

with disasembly i made a little mark on the timing plate, need to be checked when in the bike, but for the ball park it is good to go

nice new over side XB9 pistons , the cylinders are bored to size in tq plates

to check the rings gap little fast trick to put the rings in even and level press theme down with the piston

and measure the gap , better save than sorry.. clean the bores after honing very good, soapy hot watter , and clean untill you put in a clean rag and it comes out clean !!

on bought cylinders the 2e ring needed a little more gap. we have a tool for this, but you can do this with a file , carefully

deburr the ring ends after filing and put the rings on the pistons , check the markings on the enclosed papers how they need to be mounted, position the rings ends 180 degrees from each other, and not on the front and rear off the cylinder

base gasket on, piston pushed in the cylinder , check the arrow on the piston and push the piston pin in

and press the cylinder down gently , i used some hold down bolts as i want to rotate the engine

off course check the clearance off the piston pins in the rod ends , they need to slide with out feeling play

bought cylinder on.. pushrod covers back on. the screws half under the cooling fins are hard to get to , ball end allen key is usefull

before you put on the heads, put the top o-rings off the rocker covers in the cylinder head, and oil theme a little

head on, first push in the rocker cover tops in the o-ring and than locate the dowels , this to prevent the orings going to be damaged or pinched ( to much work involved when they leak )

a drop off oil on the flat heads off the cylinder bolts and a drop off oil on the threads to help with the torqing friction , and tq down the heads in this case in 4 steps as the manufactor off the head gaskets suplies with the kit

rockerboxes can go on... off factory the pushrods have markings.. but if they are rubbed off

they are different lenght, short one is the intake valve

a little assembly lube on the valve ends and rocker arm cups , rotate the engine so the rocker boxes are as flat as possible , and start all the bolts before tightening, start tightening with the large bolts , tighten little at the time to give the tappeds time to bleed

the rocker gaskets can have a little distortion from packing , make sure they are in the slot, a tiny little silicone can help theme stay in place if they are really stuborn.... i hate to use it but it beets doing it again if they leak

take care off the rear head temperature sensor

with the covers in place i rotate the engine a few time to feel if everything is working as it should

xb12s rbought in to get it running, with the remark it has a little knock... well we made it run, cleaned the sparkplugs and a temperaty battery in to start, as i suspected the worst.... hearing the engine i stopped it right away.. as it sounded like crank bearings gone... magnet on a stick in the swing arm ( oil tank ) came out like a little porcupine , bad news for the owner, this one needs a engine overhaul