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26-9-2015 Xb service , XB Brake disc trouble

28-9-2015 - What did we do today 26-9-2015 Xb service , XB Brake disc trouble

Xb Service, very nice Long with S ( short tail section ) in for some TLC 

Xb Service, hot as it comes... so draining the oil 

Xb Service, while draining, removing covers.

Xb Service, working on XB.. you get a little heat resitance as the engine is a big heat sink... spark plug out, nice combustion 

Xb Service, drain plugs back on and gear box oil back 

Xb Service, hooking on the little clutch tab out side the primairy cover, so it can not fall in

Xb Service, after hooking on the ramp mechanisme you can put everything back on 

Xb Service, loosening the outer clutch cable adjuster and setting the free play on the ramp 

Xb Service, oil filter on 

Xb Service, rear caliper off to check the wheel bearings ( and the rear brake )

Xb Service, rest off the covers off and axle pinch bolts loosened 

Xb Service, yep there tight some times , loosening the rear axle i like to do it with the wheel on the ground.. as i sometimes need to pull it with much force 

Xb Service,wheel out to inspect the bearings and chek the belt on cracks and wear

Xb Service, wheel back in , i cleaned the axle and put some new grease on it

Xb Service, with the rear wheel in the air... 5e gear and bump the engine to check the chain for tight spots , set the free play on the tightest spot 


Xb Service, old style side stand pivot , check theme for tightness ( they come loose ) 

Xb Service, as this one was loose, a little cleaning and new grease on... and red loctite hope it will stay on better

Xb Service, a spring puller is mighty handy putting back on the spring 

Xb Service, little precare makes the clutch cable last longer ... never seas on the threads 

Xb Service, as i did notice a little mayo in the clutch cover check the boot for cracks and ziptie the ends closed 

Xb Service, setting the gap on the sparkplugs, and front one ready to go in — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service, she is been spuwwing a little nothing to serieus yet

Xb Service, when you work allot on these bikes you notice things in the blink off a eye.. spring clip douse not look good

Xb Service, the intake stack in not back on fully wink-emoticon 

Xb Service,, pressed on complete 

Xb Service,and the spring clips looks better now

Xb Service, checking spark plug wires and connectors for rubbing marks and corrosion on the terminals

Xb Service, reasr plug in and spark plug back on. hear it click on so you know it is on fully

Xb Service, nice pair off pliers is big help

Xb Service, time for the front end check up 

Xb Service, wheel bearings are good 

Xb Service,, forks out to change the oil 

Xb Service, everything back on and some newneverseas on the axle 

Xb Service, tightening up the front end 

Xb Service, and brake fluid change 

Xb Service, a S Tail section on a SS model means you need to create some room under the seat, as the rear shock is under more angle , so you need to mount a set off tail raisers , or cut the belly pan and move the battery up 2 cm , ( done here ) so little room left for the ecm — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service, nicely done by the customer him self ( needed to remove the battery to swap ecm's — bijTwin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service, as the customer has swapped his exhaust , he will keep the fuel mapped ecm with the old exhaust , i will put in his old stock ecm and do the fuel mapping for this exhaust on it — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service,swapping ecm's setting, means setting the tps again. 

Xb Service, looking at the computer diagnostics... and the hard starting ... battery problems ? customer kept it on the charger about always... battery problem? i think charging problem ! — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service, mesuring the AC from the regulator all good on all leads 20 volts at idle — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Xb Service, the DC out put from the regulator ... 4 volts.. so basicly the battey is draining while it is running..

Xb Service... dham always happens where your out off stock... lucky we still had a works but not really good regulator at hand.. so the customer can make it home , plugged this one in and bike charges again 

Xb Service, so swapping the regulator , loosening the screws

Xb Service, and pulling out the wires after removing all the zipties 

Xb Service, little contact grease on the old style connector ( explained him how to change to the new style connector when he recieves the new regulator... test ride smile-emoticon — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

XB Brake disk trouble, braking bad.

XB Brake disk trouble , looking at the wear marks yep... looks warped 

XB Brake disk trouble , very low milage.. i'm the first one to loosen this.. will lube the axle so it cannot corrode to the wheel bearings

XB Brake disk trouble , old disk off

XB Brake disk trouble , new disk.. new pads , out will the old. Braked pads 6 piston can be found here: 

XB Brake disk trouble our nice waved brake disk on and tighening the axle. The disc can be found hee:

XB Brake disk trouble , little loctite on the caliper bolts

XB Brake disk trouble , and grab the front brake a few times... before you push the bike , as the first few grabs will not brake