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17-10-2014 Xb 12 big service, Xb Small service.

28-10-2014 - BuellXb12 big service, BuellXb Small service and steering head bearings.

Xb12Stt, 36000 km, but well kept , and a joy to work on.


Xb12STT big service, oil drain while hot.


Xb12STT big service, new spark plugs, front one the easy one , check and adjust the gap, they are never correct


Xb12STT big service, ensure the plug connector is on, than slide the boot back over it.


Xb12STT big service, rear plug , a little more work, starting the plug with a hose will prevent cross threading.


Xb12STT big service, new Oil filter on, we mainly use the K&n oil filter, as they are very good 


Xb12STT big service,, belt and rear wheel bearing check... all ok.


Xb12STT big service,front fork service and front wheel bearings needed replacement 


Xb12STT big service, last thing replace the brake fluid , and she is ready for the next 8000 km


XB9S, small maintenance, and some bearings.


XB9S, front wheel out,


Xb9S, front wheel bearings are shot.


Xb9S, and the steering head bearings are bad to feels like the roller balls are squire, front leg out.


Xb9S, mark the handle bar so it will go back the same way.


Xb9S, and some paint work off to protection.


XB9S, flyscreen off, and dash off.


XB9S, head light and mounting bracket out.


XB9S, contact lock out, you need a security bit for 2 off the bolts


XB9S, steering stem nut loose.


Xb9S, and tapping the lower triple t out.


xb9S, follow the slots in the frame , with a punch on the inside you can knock out the old bearings.


Xb9S, new bearings in, as we do it more often i made a little puller for this.


XB9S, lower bearing in.


XB9S, should stick out just a little , bearing good seated.


Xb9S, cleaned up the steering stem, and some grease will prevent rusting.


Xb9S, and rebuild.


Xb9S, line up the front end so everything is inline , and tighten the triple t ( and steering stem nut )


Xb9S, front end and handle bar back on, make the lever work nice, as old grease has dried and feels crunshie.


xb9S, brake piston surface cleaned, little new grease, feels so much better, and better to control.


Xb9S, while we are at it, fresh brake fluid.


Xb9S, and rear as well off course.


Xb9S, rear wheel and belt check, bought are ok.


XB9S, but the belt idler pulley bearings felt bad.


Xb9S, 2 new bearings pressed in 


Xb9S, rear wheel back in, and some new brake pads.


Xb9S, checking the primairy chain tension.


XB9S, oil light did fail, check this!! we see allot off bike where the oil light douse not come on.. no way to check of the bike has oil pressure.


Xb12X Happy... Camo paint job came back from the painters, this was a limited time available from Buell, this customers bike had some crash damage on it , but these covers are really rare to find, so our painter made stencils and reproduced the paint work.. very nice work , the customer will be very happy.