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16-7-2015 CHeck up XB , bussy day with to little t

17-7-2015 - What did we do today 16-7-2015 CHeck up XB , bussy day with to little thinker time

Check up XB , nice bike in nice condition 

Check up XB, little buggers on the oil drain plug, ( very fine metal dust ) nothing real alarming but something to look for the next oil change , if this get wors, not uncomman for the early model engines

Check up XB, fresh oil filter on 

Check up XB, bearing check , all good

Check up XB, belt begins to show some ware signs , something to keep a eye out for

Check up XB, neutral switch working / not . now it wokrs off cource , little high on resitance, leave it for now, as the customer know how to start the bike if the switch is broken

Check up XB,front engine mount rubber is torn.. will replace this one 

Check up XB, old model lower betl guard back on, use some never seas on the screws in the swing arm, as the little screws can be a bugger when they seas

Check up XB,primiary tension check —

Check up XB, was alittle loose ( even with hot engine )

Check up XB, little creative supporting the weight off the engine with out having to remove the exhaust 

Check up XB, and loosening the crash protection

Check up XB, you see the chamfer made for the old model front mount

Check up XB, front mount off clearly you can see the rubber is starting to crack

Check up XB, custom parts never fit.... look like the manufator from this crash protection only looked at the old style isolator as the big bolt has to little room , and is toughing the crash protection

Check up XB, some minutes with the angel grinder clearing some alumium and the bolt as enough room to move

Check up XB, brake fluid change... and test ride smile-emoticon