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25-2-2015 Uly service, XR1200 repairs`.

26-2-2015 - Harley Davidson XR1200 repairs. Buell XB12X Uly service.

XR1200 repairs, lenghted the indicator LED modle cable,


XR1200 repairs, as the connetors are in a dirty place and are not watter tight, some electrical grease will protect the pins.


XR1200 repairs, connectors in place , time to check of everything works.


XR1200 repairs, check.. nice and bright.


XR1200 repairs, the seat screws threads where not that nice... metrics and UNC really don't get along , the front one could be rescude , with a chaser.


XR1200 repairs, right rear... no such luck, hole is oval.


XR1200 repairs, drilled to timesert insert size.


XR1200 repairs, and fitted a new time sert.


XR1200 repairs, some new stainless UNC screws, and a little neverseas.


XR1200 repairs, and the tail is ready.


XR1200 repairs, the brake lines where leaking, i drain the system to change the lines.


XR1200 repairs, the brake lines where leaking, i drain the system to change the lines.


XR1200 repairs, nice stainless HD brake line kit, we can still get these smile-emoticon


XR1200 repairs, routing up.


XR1200 repairs, as the old system was 2 in 2 i needed to use a new Banjo nut for the 1 to 2 brake line.


XR1200 repairs, nice, time to bleed.


XR1200 repairs, left side first, than right side.


XR1200 repairs, the fluid cover screws start to corrode, clean and some never seas will do the trick.


XR1200 repairs, strange, the aftermarket clutch lever had way to much play, after taking it off, i noticed the pivot bearing bushing is missing ??


XR1200 repairs, the lever has way to much play like this.


XR1200 repairs, new pivot bushing in will fix this


XR1200 repairs, aaahhh dham those little c-clips holding the pivot.


XR1200 repairs, adjusted the outer cable and protected with never seas... as it was filled with watter ( front wheel spray ? )


XR1200 repairs, some ziptie's on the gater will prevent watter from comming in.


XR1200 repairs, primairy chain adjustment , measure 3 places , it can surprice you how much differance there can be between in the chain.



Ully Service , after warming up the engine, drain oil and replace filter


Ully Service , for the belt inspection i noticed the belt idler pully was rubbing on the pulley cover , i will give it some more clearance.


Ully Service , rear wheel out to check the bearings , good to go.


Ully Service , a little cut on the insode plastics and the cover will not rub anymore.


Ully Service , but i could feel the rear brakes draging, need to inspect theme.


Ully Service , the slide pin seams stuck, i will take the bracket off the caliper.



Ully Service , removing the caliper is more easy with the bracket on the swingarm.


Ully Service , front sile pin is almost seased by old grease and dirt.


Ully Service , after cleaning, put some fresh grease in there, and push the pin in to distrubutate the grease.


Ully Service , rubber seal put back in , and moutning every thing back.


Ully Service , also put a little neversease on the pin cap, these can be a pain to remove when they corrode.


Ully Service , as the bike had been running on 1 cylinder, the customer asked the plugs to be replaced , front scoop off for the front spark plug.


Ully Service , aribox cover off to get to the rear plug.


Ully Service , with a long extention and wobble joint you can reach the rear plug.


Ully Service ..eeeh the customer cleaned this plug... but closed the gap way to close... 0,9 mm to 1 mm will give a nice and strong spark.


Ully Service ,airbox cover back on


Ully Service , check and adjust the primairy chain


Ully Service , and bike turned around, to check the front end


Ully Service , some things you notice ?? axle sticking out ? forks under tension ? or bearings not good ?


Ully Service , the bearings are perfect, but the axle was loose :-X


Ully Service , tightened correctly and set the front by pushing the suspention a few time, you see the front axle flat or a little in to the legs , as they should be.


Ully Service , front fender back on, light loctite, just to hold / corrosion protection


Ully Service , brake fluid change, front and rear


Ully Service , battery check.. and test ride