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29-8-2015 X1 chokecable, Uly intake flanges, XB

3-9-2015 - What did we do today 29-8-2015 X1 carb choke cable, Uly intake flanges, XB tensioner spring

X1 carb choke cable, common problem.. not for X1 , but tighting the choke cable just a hair can break the plastics... part is cheap , but you need to take the carb off

X1 carb choke cable, with a ball end allen key you can get there more easy

X1 carb choke cable, airfilter off, breathers removed and bracket off

X1 carb choke cable, with the fuel hose off you can pull out the carb, and unscrew the choke cable holder

X1 carb choke cable, and the spring loaded valve

X1 carb choke cable, plunjer off and pull out the cable and the cable bend

X1 carb choke cable , with the new cable back on screw it back in

X1 carb choke cable, a little plummers loctite on the breather bolts carb on, bracket on use 1 screw to line out the carb while you fasten the bracket

X1 carb choke cable, breather pipes back on and airfilter

X1 carb choke cable, and screw on the nut , not to tight

Uly intake flanges... bike was haveing signs off leaking intake seals.. again , time to put some flanges on

Uly intake flanges. airfilter remove

Uly intake flanges. and wires and fuel line loose ready to drop the engine

Uly intake flanges.removing the chin fairing and scoops

Uly intake flanges. eeeeh i will not even try , it will break for sure, i losened the cable at the mechanism

Uly intake flanges. little short cut to leave the exhaust on... tyre iron and some wood blocks , as the Uly is high enough no problem here

Uly intake flanges.engine down and loosening the manifold bolts

Uly intake flanges. will mount a new spark plug cable to.. and position it different as it rubbes against the pvc wire harness inside the frame


Uly intake flanges. manifold off

Uly intake flanges., test fitting the flanges... perfect on these, but can be you need to open up the hole on the flanges a little as we see some variation in manifold runner diameter

Uly intake flanges. test fitting the falnges to the head, as we made theme as big as possible, to make theme as strong as possible, we noticed on some heads the milled flat surface ont he intake port can be off , preventing the flange to seat flat

Uly intake flanges. i wanted to give this a little more clearance to the head, so rounded the inner top sides off the flanges a little more

Uly intake flanges. perfect

Uly intake flanges. now clean up the intake manifold runner with some scotchbrite and break the sharp edge a little

Uly intake flanges. use the mounting grease in the slot and put in the big o-ring in the slot

Uly intake flanges., a little mounting greas in the small slot and ley the o-ring in don't rub the o-ring it will feel like it is to big, just lay it in with 4 fingers, and put some grease on there

Uly intake push the flanges on the runners... this will need some force as the oring needs to compress to make a perfect seal

Uly intake flanges. manifold back on and start the screws , watch out for the small o-rings not to come out the slot

Uly intake flanges.positioning screw in

Uly intake flanges. and tighten the flanges

Uly intake flanges. front rear left right end tighen theme equaly

Uly intake flanges. new spark plug wire turn it to the inside so it will not rub against the cable harness

Uly intake flanges.engine up and tighten the engine bolt

Uly intake flanges.v-brace and scoops back on

Uly intake flanges.spoiler bracket back on

Uly intake flanges. tthe push throttle cable is gone, will replace this one

Uly intake flanges.with the flyscreen removed pull out the cable

Uly intake flanges.and push the new one back in the guide

Uly intake flanges.route it correcly back to the throttle body

Uly intake flanges. setting tps and test ride smile-emoticon nice

XB tensioner spring , traveling from abroad... the spring from the tensioner broke... with to little tension on the belt.. it can slip over the teeth

XB tensioner spring , yeah you can just put the new spring on... but i like to check it ... to little spacing was used.. so the tensiner arm has slammed into the exhaust bracket...

XB tensioner spring , with some spacers , and new spring... ready to go... good trips guys