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17-10-2015 leaking clutch cable fix XB12S check up

21-10-2015 - What did we do today 17-10-2015 leaking clutch cable fix, XB12S check up and making it better

leaking clutch cable fix, done a service on this bikes a few weeks ago... leaking oil :-X

leaking clutch cable fix, mnnn ok clutch cable outer cable is damaged rubbing on the exhaust bracket,
will make it right. cluctch cable can be found here:

leaking clutch cable fix, so out with the mechanisme to check the level

leaking clutch cable fix, clutch cable taken out off the lever to have it straight , you see the outer cable rubber is worn trough cluctch cable can be found here:

leaking clutch cable fix, degrease it cluctch cable can be found here:

leaking clutch cable fix, we have some special heat shrink tube with inner glue layer to fix this , if the rest off the cable is in good condition , a good solution

leaking clutch cable fix, with a heat gun start shrinking the tube, starting in the middle

leaking clutch cable fix, and work your way to bought ends, you see the glue comming out as a sign it is sealing good

leaking clutch cable fix, clutch cable back thought the upper tripple T plate

leaking clutch cable fix, and route the cable again , as the sharp chinspoiler bracket will still be there, a piece off hose will protect it from rubbing, 2 little zipties to hold it in place


leaking clutch cable fix, chinspoiler back on... good to go

XB12S check up and a ones over, new Buell rider, little unserten on the Buell, ask us to have a look at it , and try to fix the stumeling running / back firing , no problem we can do this : - )


XB12S check up... shifter lever is loose on the axle, bolt is tight , but it is ratteling on the plines.. tighten it, as the vibration will wear out the splines

XB12S check up, old model clutch cable bracket, broken... has caused the rubber boot to melt .. see if i can rescue the cable

XB12S check up, heating here up a little, did a leak test on the intake seals... definaly leaking... first the wet stuff drain the oil

XB12S check up, o-ring crused to peices, and old sealer ,

XB12S check up, a little clean up and fresh o-ring and hydrolics loctite sealer works perfect

XB12S check up, fresh oil filter... noticed the wire on the oil pressure sensor is very tight , i cut the ziptie and gave a little more slack , better

XB12S check up, rear wheel bearing check... nasty axle

XB12S check up, rear bearing ok...

XB12S check up, belt also... has been lubed . looking at the greasy layer... not sure what to think off this... normaly only used for the sides to prevent squiky noise

XB12S check up, axle cleaned and light coat off grease to protect from corrosion

XB12S check up, so on with the intake seals... engine rotation , v-brace loose

XB12S check up, front engine bolt out

XB12S check up, stripping top side... airbox baseplate was put on over the stack... not inbetween the seal

XB12S check up, stack sping clip was also not on the manifold

XB12S check up, anyway... top side loosed and ready to drop the engine

XB12S check up, with the engine rotated down, loosening the manifold bolts

XB12S check up, while we are here... easy spark plug change

XB12S check up, little clean up on the heads

XB12S check up, intake seals , no rear bite marks.. but very hard on the edge, and like i said, the bike when up about 200 rpm while testing for leaks...

XB12S check up, has been coughing and spitting for some time looking at the intake runners

XB12S check up, fix a problem before it is there... heat cracked vacumm port cap, holding on the last bit, will put a new one on


XB12S check up, a little jugleing around with the large 08 up intake flances to get theme in with out scoring the seals or the mounting faces

XB12S check up, manifold on, sparkplug gap set and little dab off neverseas spark plugs


XB12S check up, nice to see the plugs tell the same story , one cylinder is running to lean due to the leak

XB12S check up, so engine back op, left foot peg bracket back on.. loctite on these bolts... is about the last thing you want to loose wink-emoticon

XB12S check up, fresh boot and new model clutch bracket

XB12S check up, she will do. and water tight so watter can not siphon in the primary

XB12S check up, hooking back up the top side

XB12S check up, coil back in place

XB12S check up, a sparkplug plier is also very handy for the stack spring

XB12S check up, base plate airbox in place and rubber seal from the stack in correct position

XB12S check up.mmmnn passenger foot pegs removed.. and did not bother to put in bolts to hold the battery tray... Buell vibrate allot... best to have these parts fixed. better for the battery and comming loose off the battery connections , will put some bolts in ( size 3/8-16 x 1/2 will do )

XB12S check up, bike turned around front check up

XB12S check up.. chewed up t27 heads... i love theme :-X , don't use t25 size keys !!

XB12S check up, getting the front out and replacing the brake pads

XB12S check up, fresh from the factory ( front wheel has never been out ) axles are bone dry , in our humid wet climate, you can wait on the bearings to seas on the axle, will put a light coat off grease on the axle

XB12S check up, front bearings feel a little grutty , better to put some new ones in

XB12S check up, said and done

XB12S check up, wheel back on axle to tq specs

XB12S check up, now to make it better, as the ecm is a very old firm ware version , we replace these for customers from our core supley as service. as we need a trip to the HD dealer to update theme all , some dealers can give our customers a hard time when they ask for this, we do it for free , put a nice fuelmapping in


XB12S check up, needed to double check.. why is the check engine light not comming on ?

XB12S check up, i already check on the computer... no signs and she is running perfect, cheaking with a old dash if there is a cable problem... works... so can only mean one thing... light is broken ?

XB12S check up, so dash out... to have a look inside

XB12S check up, you got to be kidding me... i noticed a permanent error from the exhaust valve , i gues this a other way to get rid off the error light,

XB12S check up, tape removed... everything is working as it should... i took care off the exhaust valve error a nicer way... with the fuel mapping i disabled it ... easy , the error light is way to important to tape it off

XB12S check up, come fresh flyscreen screw... and test ride smile-emoticon she runs very nice, i think the customer gets a new bike