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10-9-2015 X1 ets, Smoking 883, XB intake seals

12-9-2015 - What did we do today 10-9-2015 X1 ets, Smoking 883, XB intake seals Part 2 , XR1200 TLC

X1 in to check the bad stuter and bad riding , sometimes.. most difficult to find, as it is not everytime 

X1 ets, as there was a historic error Engine temp sensor, will start to have a look at this one , cover and fuel cell off — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

X1 ets, with the fuel cell off you can get to the temp sensor hidden in the reasr head

X1 ets, with the sensor out, ( need to be grounded to check ) heating it up and checking the readings on the computer.. when above 120 deg.. the sensor readings go hayware , adjusting the fuel with more than 160 % , well that would be a cause off the sutter and really fat running 

X1 ets, to be sure checking the cable harness on the sensor wire for hidding cracks or bad contacts

X1 ets, new sensor in , running perfect... but feeling the cylinders i could feel a little knock.. mnnnn 

X1 ets, magnet on a stick in the oil tank, came out not really nice... fine metal dustdebris in the oil tank, pritty sure a crank bearing is on it's way out , some times i hate to be the messenger 

Smoking 883, new parts arrived, time to close here up.. rotor back on red loctite on the threads

Smoking 883, soaking the new plates in gearbox oil ( atf type D4 )

Smoking 883, and after 15 minutes stacking theme back on the hub / basket 

Smoking 883, the BDL plate kit come with a little heavier spring.. will use this one ( 1,85 mm thick to stock 1,75 ) 

Smoking 883, new pulling plate with out a ware edge — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Smoking 883, commen problem when taking out the c-clip to many times, will not seat good anymore and has become oval, best to replace

Smoking 883, new c-clip time to put the spring back on

Smoking 883, clutch tool to the pulling plate and seating the c-clip and c-clip support ring 

Smoking 883, some where between the dealer who took it apart and out place the position dowels have gone missing 

Smoking 883, not to worry we have theme.. makes mounting the gasket and cover allot easier and in the correct position 

Smoking 883, little drop off loctite on the cover screws.. good habit after years off racing with these

Smoking 883, tightening the cover screw... start in the middle and spiral out 

Smoking 883, clutch cable back in and oil to level 

Smoking 883, after adjusting the primairy chain, covers can be put on 

Smoking 883, and clutch cable back on... now first to charge the battery.. to do a test ride

Xb intake seals, part 2... the seconed time everyting is easyer... but i will mount our intake flanges on this bike.. will not do this again 

Xb intake seals, part 2, engine down, and loosening the manifold —

Xb intake seals, part 2, while down i replace the spark plugs right way.. as they look very nasty 

Xb intake seals, part 2, yep very nasty , the odo reading on the bike is really not how much the bike has done..

Xb intake seals, part 2, while we are at it , i will replace the corroded cables too 

Xb intake seals, part 2, ok intake flanges... test fitting on the runners... perfect... nice and tight 3.

Xb intake seals, part 2, rear one to

Xb intake seals, part 2, and as our flanges are much ticker than the stock ones.. checking the clearance to the heads... perfect 

Xb intake seals, part 2, inner O ring in the groove , and lube theme up with the mounting grease 

Xb intake seals, part 2, greased up, and pressed on the intake, you will need a little force to press theme on , so the o-rings compress and expand in the groove make the gas tight seal —

Xb intake seals, part 2, rest off the mounting grease in the out side groove , and seat the o-ring , the grease will hold theme during mounting 

Xb intake seals, part 2, you can turn the flanges so the holes line up

Xb intake seals, part 2, and tighen the screws.

Xb intake seals, part 2, engine back up 

Xb intake seals, part 2, and make some noice smile-emoticon she runs sweet...

Xb intake seals, part 2, not sure what they where thinking... breather re-route and use the gearbox breather hose connected to the head breathers... full close system ?! , anyway i put everything back to stock condition.. also to see in a few 1000 km if there is oil build up in the airbox.. as a sign that the piston rings are worn out , she rides really nice now 

XR1200 TLC , yep still worked —

XR1200 TLC, usualy a left side crash will bend the foot peg screws.. i will put some new ones in 

XR1200 TLC, almost through it 

XR1200 TLC, bling new cover on 

XR1200 TLC, new shift lever and too peg... to morrow on with the rest off this bike as she needs a lot off love