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21-2-2018 Buell XB12 88Ci Finish

19-5-2018 - 21-2-2018 The last things on Mean green Buell Xb12 Bigbore 88Ci, front pulley , last things Buell XB9R gearbox problem, Buell xb12ss troubles, Buell 1125 heads,

mean and green, has done it's running in on the dyno, and fuel mapping is made.. time to put the pritty stuf on :-) 

airbox off 

the protection tape worked very well 

eeehhh she vibrated harder than a stock bike ;-) .. red loctite it is for this bolt 

our test exhaust of

and rotating the engine down.. noticed a little sweating.. should not be here.. some thing fishy 

anyway before we go on, first the other stuf 

weight of the bike supported 

so we can remove the fat 200 tyre 

with stock wheel this can stay on.. with wider wheel . the hidden caliper needs to come of 

making a brake hose mounting brace

runs free.. ok 

engine down.. and removing the test headers 

Ti headers needs to be mounted :-)

assembly the headers.. helps if you put a little exhaust sealer on the first end off the pipe, as these can leak a little on the connection ( will close after time ) 

lining up the header connection it runs free of the oil lines

the leaking valve cover .. turns out a weakened bolt. loosened it and it wobbeled.. tightened it again , and broke :-(

no way to get it out , so rocker box comes out 

loose easy to remove 

back on

and tightening

engine up an front mount bolt in 

red loctite on the shifter 

chin spoiler bracket mounted under the side stand 

and duel tip on.


tensioner back on.. and pully cover 


name plates on :-)

steering damper mounted 

and airbox base on 

cover on ( bike stil needs airbrush done to it ) 

getting some heat in the exhaust ... will look nice and blue

front pulley change.. belt tension of 

pully nut of 

old pully is worn

we have very nice priced new ones , steel 27 t and 29 t 

pulley on 

nut on and lock plate in position , loctite the bolts

covers back on.. and this is ready to go 

XB9R.. ready from the running in km done on the dyno , making here ready for the customer

the break in oil has done it's work

scoops on.. no leaks detected 

right side on 

oil drain plug back on 

and airbox cover back on 

this bike is really cared for by the customer.. so much attention i will remove my grease finger prints

stranded xb12ss .. no more workie workie

road service had a look first.. battery poles are loose

but the ecm douse not power up 

mnn.. things like this always make me wonder if there was a starting problem ? manual starter push button is mounted on the solinoid 

gearbox breahter hose is burned 

yeah... bike is some wat neglected state .. :-( 

anyway to the problem, checking the fused al ok

other ecm.. problem still there 

relais are working.. so power to ecm .. black connector.. pin 1 is feed.. check

pin 2 is ground... no bueno .. no ground on pin 2 

looping the ground with the test lead

and everything works

problem.. loose ground wires right side 

1125 head ,valves out

looks like the problem... valve seals 

need to clean and put new seals on