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13-4-2016 a little love for a M2

26-5-2016 - 13-4-2016 a little love for a M2

M2 small seat , you know it will be a oldtimer , in for some checkups

brake fluid leaking ? mnnn looks engine oil to me

side stand rubbing to the swingarm.. i hate that kloink metal to metal sound , i will adress this

first the tail section off, the original welnuts are replace by normal bolts and nuts

take out the bolts and remove the rear tank bolt , and unplug the tail light connector

the ol tank has been leaking.. looks lke the breather plug is sweating oil

and the head breathers have been leaking to

al oiled up here aswell

so first check oil level, these bike don't like to much oil in there, after a little running to bring the oil back to level.. mnn this could be the problem way to much oil in the oil tank blocking the breather

so draning the oil , this will take some time ;-)

checking the clutch cable , the pulling force is heavy customer suspected worn clutch ?

but he cable run a little crammed on these high handle bar m2 models

and it is still a old type non teflon coated inner cable, they can run heavy, cable is fine , will contact the owner how bad he wants a lighter clutch pull .. notice the oil level gear box is way to high.. i will drain this

truning out the side stan bimp rubber to see when it clears the swing arm , and i will spacer this , so ti stays clear off the swing arm —

greasy mess behind the oil filter, i will clean this , you can spot leaks better when it is clean

old oil filter off.. i use a custom cut old oil bottle to prevent much spilling ofer the regualotr and front shock mount

adjusting the primairy chain, a litte loose

mnnn left side

right side ... caught my eye differance in lenght.. but the wheel is centered, different nuts are used left from right

as the belt runs good

sportster spark plugs... mnn that was a Buell tech bulletin in 2000 to never use these again in a buell , should be replaced by 10R12s ( or similair heat grade )

we put in NGK DCPR8 , they like these plugs with open pipe and open filter

cleaned the oil tank , and pull out the breather plug

removed the rubber plug clean, and a little bead off silicone , to make it stick and seal again

removing the airfilter to get to the breahter bolts

a little cleaning and i put some hydrolics loctite on the threads

mnnn that is in a very long time , will replace it

front looks also to long.. and worng fluid ( this model would need dot 5 ) after time there is no way off telling if this was dot 5 , as the purple fluid wears off after time

a good flush off brake fluid , to be on the safe side

and filling up with fresh oil

we reccomande to keep the oil level between half to 3/4 , if you fill it higher the bike will spit it out throught the breathers

little cleaning on the tail light cable harness , , under the tail it can be in the wheel spray and corrode

mnnn the retention clamps will never work like this

and they are bend from over tightening

i bended theme staight and put theme back like they supose to be mounted

soem bikes just don't want to play nice, i put the tail section back on and the light stopped working ? now a failing bulb is rare , so before i came to that is already measured the wires , to find out the bulb was broken

but the indicstors did not work eather., bad conenctions ? as i seams to have 1 loos terminal to start with

the feeds are ok.. looks like the indicator light bulbs are also broken ?