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5-1-2018 engine noise XB12 Stripdown

17-3-2018 - 5-1-2018 engine noise XB12 Stripdown

XB12R from Germany with a knock.. checking what is wrong

chin spoiler and covers off

we going to open up the primairy first , so shifter stuff of 

drain plug could be undone with my hand... that is a little to loose

tensioner loose

and shifter off.. markings of a mishap , as the spacer bushing is pushed in the cover 

bolts out.. and let the oil drain a little when you pulled the cover a little off

tensioner shoe will need replacement

clutch pulling plate out, to get to the main shaft nut

sprocket nut off .. the front sprocket feels really loose on the splines 

clutch hub bearings is ok

rotor.. 1 magnet is cracked, no rubbing / toughing marks.. and i cannot move the magnets by hand,

belt tension off by unscrewing the rear axle

mnnn not good.. spacers not used.. and the tensioner arm has slammed in to the exhaust bracket 

it has slammed on the bracket with force.. hard to see on the picture, but there is play on the pivot and it is of to one side... the aluminium aroung the pivot hole is streched.. need to replace this.. other wise it will happen the complete idler wheel breaks off 

the markings on the exhaust bracket.

just checking.. main shaft bearings..check 

these are ok

moving the crank forward and back.. i hear it knocking... cylinders need to come off to feel the rods

for now primairy cover back on to rotate the engine

old model bolt / new model bracket ?

new clutch cable ... mounting to close to the header.. means it now has a burned boot and will leak watter in the primairy

as the front engine mount douse not want to play nice .. i remove the front fender.. to protect from damage

big rachet as we need to pull hard

and 3/8 box spanner to hold in position to make a stroke

the frame thread insert has come loose.. about impossible to tighen it .. unscrewing the bolt will help but you need to make a stroke as the rubber will prevent this

we are getting there.. still cannot put a 1" spanner on

but normaly after a 15 minute work out, pulling hard the bolt loosens

and lifting the engine again.. you can loosen it by hand.. before we mount this back.. we need to loctite the thread insert inplace , so it will not come loose any more

opening up the top side

a fast system... wonder why the solinoid is still mounted ? the bowden cable is removed ? will ask the customer.. as we easy can program this error code out the ecm

as the airfilter is hard to pull over the stack, best remove the stack with blanket , a aftermarket badclamp is used.. this should have been a aluminium clamp

the O-rings are still ok 

throttle cables of... decide before you dril how you want to place the handle bar ;-)

top tie rod loose

and dropping the engine

mnn crappy plug cables

and some fideling with silicone on the basgaskets

front rocker box cover off 

silcone sealer.. the residue you do not want inside de engine

top bracket and coil off

throttle bodie of

and removing the rockerbox 

pusrods out

easy working.. breaker bar to loosen the head bolts

and head off 

now first the pushrod cover of

some protection from debris falling in

tipical markings in the cylinder 

debris has been grinding up and down in the cylinder

normaly this is fine metal debris from bigend bearing .. and yes i can feel some movement :-( 

so rear head off

head gasket has not even set yet..

after some time it should stick on bought sides. this one came off almost unhurt

crappy silicone ... don't like it so much here

rear cylinder is even wors

hard metal pieces moving up and down 

conneccting pins out

to much play on these to

it is very good posible you do not feel any play on it when you check in 1 position.. please rotate the crank to check 360 deg.. around.

leavling the case to drain. and start removing the cam cover

the not working oil pressure sensor

it was broken

draining the cases

feed oil line of

drain and breather lone loose 

and removing the camcover

typical 2 markings one side

nothing on the other side of the ramp 

loosening the pinion gear 

new style oil pump drive gear was already mounted

lifter slide pins out

and checking the lifters

oil line removal

rear tie rod loose

and pulling out the gearbox breather hose

oil pomp removal 

just checking... looks ok

removing the rear breakfluid reservoir so i can take out the swing arm with rear break master in 1 go , and loosening the battery cables

starter motor disconnected

bike in the hoist

removing the swingarm axle 

and rear engine bolt

starter motor out

and removing the stator

speed sensor needs to come out

grrr.... chewy mount bolts.

cut off 1/4 allen but only 2 out of 4 

needed to hack the other 2 loose Grr..

rear exhaust brace loose 

engine case big bolt out

and the small bolts 

tapping the cases to split.. front and rear.. you hear the difference when the gasket breaks loose

one side off 

pinion outer race 

and inner.. ... need to maek a offer to make this one nice again