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27-3-2015 1125 service with a twist, X1 running.

1-4-2015 - Nice 1125 CR in for service


1125 CR service, Customer asked for a battery change, as it could not hold its charge ? mmnnn 2009 ? let's measure first , first start looks ok.. charging.


1125 CR service, lets see how the stator is... good on these pairs , AC volts check.


1125 CR service, slowy the engine heats up... on the other pair nothing right now.


1125 CR service, the other pair is still ok.


1125 CR service, ok when the stator heats up bike is not charging , battery is still good , the stator is toast.


1125 CR service, will start with the service, oil drain , filter change.


1125 CR service, rear wheel bearing check.. i could already feel this one bad by turning the wheel.


1125 CR service, yep these are bound to fail soon.


1125 CR service, fresh bearings in , wheel back in and rear caliper back on.


1125 CR service, after discussing the option with the customer.. best is to do the full modification , stator and oiljetted rotor.. removing the cover.


1125 CR service, and airbox removal... 1125 are very good dust eaters due to the position off the air intake ,keep yout filter healty.


1125 CR service, cover off nice and crispy , all most well done , a little surpriced it lasted this long Here is the Twin Motorcycles version


1125 CR service, rotor removed.


1125 CR service, cleaning the threads from the sprag holder.


1125 CR service, core rotor with oil jet mounted , red loctite 272 on the threads. Twin Motorcycles rotor modification mounted 


1125 CR service, and cover back on.


1125 CR service, some one asked some time ago, where this clip good... here.


1125 CR service, stator leads routed to the top and reconnect in the plug.


1125 CR service, idle air hose back on with a ziptie as the hose gets older you pull it off to easy , bike will do strange things with this hose blocked / off.


1125 CR service, airbox base plate back on, press the plate down and check the throttle it is not sticking. Twin Motorcycles intake stacks mounted


1125 CR service, oil fileld, and start up to check oil level and charging... cooling fans on high speed , charging is solid , ready to go.


X1 running, finishing the little things... front fender off.


X1 running, head light brace off, and clamp bolts loose.


X1 running, with the bike supported, wheel axle out , and pull the leg out.


X1 running, spring preload in the vice, remove the dish, and unscrew the top cap to remove the rebound adjuster.


X1 running, fork oil drained, and spacer + spring out , dust seal pulled off to acces the c-clip , with clip out you can use the leg like a slide hammer and nock the oil seal out.


X1 running, cleaned fresh seals , guide bushings still ok , knock the oil seal back in, i try to do this a little higher up the leg , where the seals don't travel in case i make a scratch.


X1 running, indexing the rebount needle before putting on the top cap ( you did right down the settings right ?


X1 running, front leg back in and mounting the wheel , a little loctite on the front axle nut , and tighten to specs.


X1 running... brake fluid... always hard to tell, this one needs Dot 5 but after some time it is hard to tell if this is very dirty dot 4 , or just old dot 5 fluid.


X1 running, the fluid did feel a little oily, and safe option ( and if everybody did wat is writing on the cap ) dot 5 it is.


X1 running, rear ditto.


X1 running, tank back on the foam strip on the cover is cone and will leave the tank rubbing.


X1 running, with a little hard foam strip sticked on the cover the fuel tank is secure and will not rub.


X1 running,mnn glued to getter or fused to getter ? i checked them and they still function.


X1 running, fuse box back in place.


X1 running, warming up the bike, Tube frame oil lever no more than 3/4 from max .. mesured with the bike straight , if you fill it up to max, this will come out he head breathers.


X1 running, the customer removed all the covers, and screws are also still at home, as i want to test ride this bike, i put in some screws to hold the cover down.