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21-12-2017 XB12SCG service XB12X steering

6-3-2018 - 21-12-2017 service inspection Buell XB12Scg Buell XB12X steering head bearings problem with cheap aftermarket ones

in for service and repair

we need to order a new cover.. fragile stuff 

while warming up check bettery poles

just checking for leaking gaskets

they have been leaking.. but repaired with silicone gasket ?

old is draining

a other home made fix , i can understand BO problem HD.. . we are working on a fix to 

also silicone on this gasket... pfff 

covers off

i will replace the clutch cable boot.. as it is ripped 

oil line not to much ware yet . will route it off the line

metal on gear box drain plug.. bueno 

metal on engine oil drain plug, no bueno

gearbox oil in

and fresh gasket 

checking the bolts on the shifter .. if these are still on tight

rear caliper of to check the rear wheel later

mnn .. strange oil filter and dents already

about needed to hammer a screw driver in

? this is a not a XB oil filter.. threads are very loose on the adaptor... i don't know who serviced this bike before, but this is not good

rear wheel check 

bearings are still ok .. as we recently replaced these

belt checking.. a small crank.. for the rest good.. would not worry right away

rear tyre , some slashing

new tyre mounted

primairy is way to loose , i could here it when the bike was idling


change the spark plugs... lots off cold starts fouls the plugs fast 

rear plug wire is off ? should be further on the coil

they removed the wire harnes guide ? problebly with the leak repair rear rocker cover 

rear plug change

front and rear cable..the coil connecting you see the rear one the terminal is to big 

and the cable has been rubbing.. i replace this one

the should be on the coil like this

airbox base on and filter mounting

clutch cable the other protection has been burning..

cut a little off to make it better to work again 

better... new booth on

time to check the front end

wheel out and fork legs out

will clean these before i take theme apart 

isolation tape on the nut will protect theme

as thesre are SCG legs... i need to take the caps apart as they have to little stroke to normaly dismount theme .. remove the clip on the blue damper house

so you can unscrew the spring preload plunjer

with the sping preload off you can unscrew the top cap

the preload is transered with these steel rods.. on aluminium parts means there are washers used

preload pipe ou

and rebound damper can be removed 

cleaned and fresh oil.. mounting it agian.. set the damper so the points will index 

nylon spacer and steel ring

and top cap on

insert the other steel ring

cleaning the spring preload plunjer

and mounting it back on

clip back in place

and fork legs back in

front wheel bearungs where prefect

and setting the caliper bolt to tq

the body panels where missing the nylon washers.. the screws need this to hold the bodie panels firm

new shifter rubber

preload the front to set the forks on the axle , before you tighen the axle pinch bolts

checking the suspention settings.. as thetw where set really strange

new brake fluid 

and setting the oil evel

4e heat cycle... she is starting to run smoother.. to morrow little bit off running on the dyno :-) 

uly .. we mounted aftermarket bearings on this bike, but bad feeling... to loose or to tight.. did not understand the problem as we done a XB12R with these and they worked out

so front out again

and the front end striped 

you can take it off in 1 piece

ok i see the problem... the recess is milled differently in the long frames .. means there is on 1 side material in the way.. adjusting the conical bearing means you tighen it to the frame... so or remove the sticking out frame piece , and so we learn every day , on a R or S model ( short frame ) these will work.. not on a long frame 

or mount original bearings

bought bearings taped on

legs in to line out and set the preload on the steering head bearings

electrics back

wheel back in 

and top mounted back