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21-8-2015 XB service, 1125R get her done

25-8-2015 - What did we do today 21-8-2015 XB service and small mishap repairs, little bigger mishap :-( , 1125 get 'r done

very nice XB9SX, handeld with care you would not know the bike has done 40000 km if you did not look at the speedo smile-emoticon in short a mechanics wet dream wink-emoticon

XB9Sx service , oil change small service kit:

XB9Sx service, and while draining, repair the mishaps things ( fall over standing still ) with a little driver you can tap the footpeg pin out

XB9Sx service, strong thumb press the spring in with the new foot peg and tap the pivot back in using a little drift to push the spring and pivot straight for the lower hole and remount he c-clip

XB9Sx service, shifter is also bend. shifter

XB9Sx service, usualy the mounting bolt is also a little bend shifter bolt

XB9Sx service, and the spacer bushing leaves a impression in the cover

XB9Sx service, if you leave this inpression the shifter can bind on the bushings, with a file you can file it flat if not to deep

XB9Sx service, but iff to deep you can also use a strong washer to make a new flat surface and put this on to the cover

XB9Sx service, tough up the cover scratchings, paint

XB9Sx service, rear wheel beasring check

XB9Sx service, and new wavy brake disk, disc


XB9Sx service, the puritst will shake their heads, but i find this the best why to remove the bolts, as they can be very tight, broken and slipped out to much bits trying to force these out, with the impact and suteble bit, very easy


XB9Sx service, new wavy disk... we designed these so the disk lock holes ( or 1125 rear caliper mounting holes ) are in there disc

XB9Sx service, TQ to specs

XB9Sx service, 40000 km still first belt, it starts to show ware , customer will not take any change, and asked for a new one belt

XB9Sx service, 40000 km still first belt , and requested a spring loaded tensioner to preserve the belt even more

XB9Sx service, swing arm brace out

XB9Sx service, magic twist with the old belt , very handy to carry with you on holiday trips as a back up

XB9Sx service, new tensioner

XB9Sx service, put the 2 big washers that come with the tensioner on the studs ( it need the spacing with original like exhaust systems )

XB9Sx service, remove the idler pully

XB9Sx service, and mount it in the tensioner with the spacers provided, mount the pully as far to the inside as possible new tensioner

XB9Sx service, bolt back on ready to go on new tensioner

XB9Sx service, new belt and tensioner mounted new tensioner

XB9Sx service, swingarm brace in , and tighten the axle ( and belt )

XB9Sx service, look for the pully cover as you see the front edge is toughing

XB9Sx service, with a pair off snips cut some plastic from the pully cover

XB9Sx service, running free now smile-emoticon

XB9Sx service, minor damage to the vibration dampers, will put a new one in TM Damper

XB9Sx service, the blank tail light lens was broken, with aftermarket LED bulb... i think i have a better / nicer solution 2010 LED

XB9Sx service, 2010 XB rear LED light , for the oldermodels you need to remove the connector and put spade terminals on 2010 LED

XB9Sx service, nice smile-emoticon 2010 LED

XB9Sx service, just little things, battery strap snapped , will put a new one in strap

XB9Sx service, bike swapped around , time to inspect the front end

XB9Sx service, wheel bearings are very hard to feel if there still ok, or how far they are, the time you feel it with the wheel mounted your basicly to late

XB9Sx service, remove the wheel and check the running off the bearings is smarter as this gives a better indication on how the condition is , in this case perfect smile-emoticon

XB9Sx service, wheel back on and tighten the caliper to specs

XB9Sx service, belly pan back on carbon long belly pan"

XB9Sx service, pushing the rear suspention on the tail section is a good indication on loose bolts , as i could feel movement here.. check the tail bolts

XB9Sx service, one off the side member bolts was loose

XB9Sx service, bigger front end was mounted to get more protection , but it looks big and black

XB9Sx service, with a decall on it breaks the big flat , and looks even nice

not happy, alwasy a little pain in my hart to see things like this... big lorry slammed in reverse and did not notice the bike behind him, bumper off the truck jammed the front wheel to the ground and crushed the front end and bending the forks


not happy, custom painted front end was just ready frown-emoticon, little left off it

1125 get 'r done, piston came in, cylinder back on, head back on engine back up , manifolds back on

1125 get 'r done, making it beter, remove the idle air throttle cable

1125 get 'r done and lock the shafts to getter

1125 get 'r done, engine bolts tighten to specs left side first !

1125 get 'r done, K-brackets back on

1125 get 'r done, the hamster cheaks back on

1125 get 'r done, front end in

1125 get 'r done, and on its own feet again finaly