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18-5-2016 1125 engine cam timing and valve adjustm

14-6-2016 - 18-5-2016 1125 engine cam timing and valve adjustment , monster big bore start ? rebuild, 1125 fuel pomp

1125r engine rebuild by customer, send in to us with the requist to check the cam timing and valve play...

with the engine out , works better on a stand and a little height to mount the crank lock tool

so valve covers off

ignition cover plug out so we can turn the engine over

needed special tools, crank lock tool ( also used for positioning ) and cam lock tool

bottom plug out for the crank lock tool

this one can leak a little oil

plugs out

and turning the engine over anti clock wise front cylinder cams about like this

and you can see the piston in tdc

so if your about in TDC, screw in the crank lock tool moveing the crank a little to ensure your in tthe notch in the crank, and crew the lock tool in deeper

loosen the cam drive bolts , chain tensioner plug half way out to give a little slack to see if the markings on bought the cam gears line up

no place the cam lock tool over the intake cam to position the cam train

and the drive gear back on and fresh loctite on the bolts

retighten the chain adjuster plug and tighten the cam bolt to 30 Nm

lock tools out, and rotate the cams so the lobes are maximun up and check the valve play between the finger and the shim

these where a little tight , so messure the free play and note this down. to get to the shims you need ot remove the finger lock ( front and rear are different ) big flat screw driver and a tap it will come off the finger shaft , you get a little handy in it after so many ;-) the frist ones i did break , as there hard plastic , could be handy to order some as spare if you need to do this job

finger slide to the side , and with a magnet on a stick you can pull out the adjuster shim

taking notes , measure the shim and calculate back to the free play you want , and put in a shim with the correct size

free play adjusted, rotate the engine 1 turn to set the shims and re-mesure , if correct put the finger lock back in place

and do so the same for the intakes

little startup lube for what it is wurth ready to close this cover

rear one same story , rotate the engine untill the cams are like this your near tdc , check piston throught the sparkplug hole

and locate the rear TDC on the crank with the crank lock tool

chain adjuster a little loose to give the chain a little slack to take the drive cam off

checking the cams are alined .. check ( normaly i would not do this , but in this case better check than be sorry )

can lock tool over the intake cam

and put the cam drive gear back

we don't need the lock tools anymore, so case plug back in... use new crush washers !

checking valve play

the finger locks are different intake or exhaust cam side

again finger slide to the side to get to the shim for adjustment

needed to adjust the 2 intakes on the rear cylinder , finger lock tool back in

these finger locks are hold down against rotating with the cover gaskets / valve cover

covers on , ensured the middle splug hole gasket is in there.. and plugs back in... ready to be shipped back

monster bog bore.. assembly , cylinders are overhault after striping on the nicasil

yep, not for sissies

nice big pistons

and cylinders look very nice

only... really.. wrong piston rings put in the set ... dhammed

am i wrong ? so check the others ... nope really not the correct rings... these little thing really don't help my planning , check the pistons and gaskeots if they where correct when they came in and size on the piston ring box was correct.. never came to mind to check the actual rings in the box... ok for next time

1125 fuel problems... measured everything but comes down to broke fuel pomp