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01-10-2014 XB engine repair, Service, front disk.

2-10-2014 - Buell XB front disk, engine repair, Service and trouble shooting. Buell M2 88 rebuild.

Buell XB12 with warped front brake disk, easy fix.


Buell Xb12 front disk, remove the front fender.


Buell Xb12 front disk, before taking the wheel and caliper off, loosen the pad bolt, easier with the caliper still mounted.


Buell Xb12 front disk, and loosen the caliper bolts, if the first time off, they can be really tight.


Buell Xb12 front disk, front wheel axle pinch bolts loose.


Buell Xb12 front disk, and loosen the axle a little before lifting the front.


Buell Xb12 front disk, bone dry axle out off the factory like this, you see the rust spot on the axle, if left to long the axle will seaz on the bearings.


Buell Xb12 front disk, front wheel bearings not really bad, but i could feel some notching while turning by hand, i will replace theme.


Buell Xb12 front disk, old disk off.


Buell XB12 front disk, and fresh disk on TQ down the bolts 35NM blue loctite. And we mount offcourse our own front disc that will not WARP (-:


Buell Xb12 front disk, new front wheel bearings in , press in brake disk side first and support the inner and outer race when pressing in the left side


Buell Xb12 front disk, new disk ? use new pads, other wise you start breaking in your new disk with wrong worn pads


Buell Xb12 front disk, front axle cleaned and coated with a little lube.


Buell Xb12 front disk,and TQ down the front axle 55 NM LH.


Buell Xb12 front disk, caliper on , TQ the bolts with a little loctite to 50 NM.


Buell Xb12 front disk, front fender back on.


Buell Xb12 front disk, press down the front suspension to set the front fork on the axle.


Buell Xb12 front disk, and tighten the pinch bolts, break carefull the first few km, you will feel the breaking getting worn in, it will need a bout 50 to 100 km to fully ware in.


XB12 Engine overhaul, bike was drowned by a flood , and water has been in the engine, causing the rust, customer douse the top engine him self,and asked us for the lower end, crank repair and gearbox overhaul.


XB12S, 2008 service.


XB12S, 2008 service , after warming up the engine, drain the oil.


XB12S, 2008 service, removing the scoops and plastics.


XB12S, 2008 service , rear wheel out to check the bearings , rear ones are ok.


XB12S, 2008 service , belt idler pulley bearings are ok.


XB12S, 2008 service , but the belt shows some sign off ware.


XB12S, 2008 service, i will advice the customer to replace this one, as this one has had its best days


XB12S, 2008 service, primairy chain adjusting.


XB12S, 2008 service, as the bike has done 45000 km the customer asked for the injectors to be checked and cleaned.


XB12S, 2008 service, fiddly job but can be done with engine up, injectors cleaned and back on ( they where ok flow tested )


XB12S, 2008 service, front wheel bearings needed replacement.


XB12S, 2008 service, and replacing brake fluid front and rear.


M2 88 rebuild, took way to long, special connecting rods needed to be made,special pistons... finally the engine is back from the machine shop.


M2 88 rebuild, front mount and top isolator bar back on.


M2 88 rebuild, Technoflex push suspention back on . nice 


M2 88 rebuild, with all the joints can be a little tricky to mount.


Xb12S, trouble shooting, engine light came on, and fan did not work.


XB12S, troubleshooting, the connector to the wire from the temp sensor was broken , easy fix with a new connector.


Xb12S, trouble shooting... bike reacts very strange on the throttle.. ? tps value was zero and did not change opening the throttle ?


Xb12S, trouble shooting, after removing the airbox the problem was easy to spot.


Xb12S, trouble shooting, you see the throttle shaft is broken, very lucky the screws are still in and no metal parts are sucked in the engine, lucky we have a very good replacement ( and repair ) for this 


Xb12S, trouble shooting, so engine down and ready to repair the throttle shaft.