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16-6-2016 XB12SS Monster big bore, XB9 03 belt

25-7-2016 - 16-6-2016 XB12SS Monster big bore is ready for the dyno, XB9 03 model belt change

on where we left off yesterday... oil pomp rotors , scavenging are the large ones

and the small pressure ones back in

the end plate on

stick the bolts thought the cover and postion the gaskets on , i use loctite on these screws

tighten the cover

and set to TQ

crash protection puck back on

on with the oil lines , push in , make sure the clip locks the line in place

and mount the oil line support other wise the connections will rattel to much and start leaking

bumpsticks heavy duty ones... personaly not my first choise as adjusting these on a xb is a pain in the bottum... and these are heavy, i prefer custom lenght 1 piece ones , as these where adjusted already.. i marked theme to put them back in position

bump sticks on.. and a little prelube on the valve springs and spring seat

gasket on and rocker box on , start all bolts so to aline the box

and slowly fasten the rocker box with the 4 big bolts.. give the tappeds time to bleed and keep the rocker box flat

than fasten the 5 small bolts

yeah ... please trow away the orange new stule rocker cover seals , they will leak on you in time

use the black upgraded ones instead

cover on and bolt to tq

rear the same story... but take care off the head temperature sensor wire

top engine mount and coil bracket back in place

XB9S walking bike right now :-) will put a belt on, works better

with the 03 model belt guards a little more work than the newer models

foot peg bracket off

and swing arm brace off... some one put back a bolt that they alreasdy needed to hack out, as the allen head is ruwned

a old inex socket hammering in did work this time... will not put this one back in !!!

the bolt is also binding in the belt guard spacer

and it is corrosion in the spacer tube it self.. i will clean it up and put some never seas on

now.. these freaking little belt guards bolts heads are out and seazed

as only the lower one would not play nice you can open the belt guard and put the belt in place and mount it as a complete assembly

swing arm brace first back on place ... with new bolts :-)

belt over bought pulleys, slide the belt on... !! the 03 style belt can not take much abuse .. and mount the idler pulley back

and tighten the rear axle and so bringing the belt to tension

nice colour ... wrapped

on with the big bore intake manifold on

and injector wires connected

wire harness guide back in place

time for the dyno test headers to be mounted... looking at the exhaust port gaskets.. big mony is spend on poorting.. to destroiy the work by using wrong gaskets ( these expand in to the port )

you see how much it is in the port ( flow )

new flat gaskets will do better

als these are flat to the port surface , and will not bulk out so much

new O2 sensor... did not trust the old one anymore

and our dyno testing header mounted

engine back up and front engine mount to tq

v-brace on

routing the clutch cable

draining the last old oil out the cases

for now spark not needed.. i will first turn the engine over on the starter motor

for testing this will do , but with the 45mm headers i need to check if the custom oil lines will clear

and for now temperary mounting the big oil cooler