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8-9-2016 firebolt indicators, M2 rebuild

23-9-2016 - 8-9-2016 Buell firebolt mounting indicators, Buell M2 update engine rebuild

Firebolt in , no indicators

to get to the electrics, we need to remove the front fairing , mirror block plates off and the bottum screen bolts out

and removing the indicators to get the fairing off

this one is broken, lets see if it still works, and we replace the stem

power on the feed, tried a new relais first...

with the new relais.. the indictors work again and the broken one douse work aswell

the kellerman indicators come standard with rubber stems

but there are also steel ones... i will mount a set off these

new connections made to the wires

and working...

M2 piston rings orientated and put in the cylinder, for easy connecting to the rod end

double check the pistons are facing the right wa

and the other piston pin lock ring in place, protect the case hole in case the rings slips and falls in

prepeing the heads, valve guides where still ok.. valves needed a little cleaning and grinding , put the valve stem seals on

a dop off oil under the spring washer as the springs will rotated when running

spring spanner on, and put the keys in to lock the collor

check that there in good

and on with the other valve

head on, and tighen hand tight

and tighten to specification

pushrod covers back in

these can be a pain to mount, i put the rubber first in the plate and slide the pushrof tube lightly oiled through

and tighen the base plate

next one

bumpstick back on, with the new tappeds you feel spring tension as these are not filled yet with oil

and rocker box back on, old style bolts... long ones and short one , look for that !

spacer ring back on and i will put a new umbralla valve in for the breather , and mount the top cover

front head mounting bolts... really neverseas... please these break if the loosen... so put these in with loctite

bolts cleaned and red loctite on

bolts tighten noe the front hanger bold back in

and tighten...

shock on

and on his own feet again

removing the oil tank to clean it out... important after a engine bearing failure... i think i will mount this ground to a other spot.. on the wellnut bolt can not be tightened very hard ..

removing the oil hoses , breather

and oil return.. i remove this fitting to pas the tank through the frame , the nut is a jam nut for the fitting

and has a o-ring seal

so tank out

and cleaning

when it rains it pours... i was hoping to finish this one, this week, as it just would not go smooth with this one. crank warped, back, now cylinder, it was packet good, but still it got damaged in the mail, aaahhh... new one was rushed out the the engine shop to bore and hone to size... but with out a cylinder there is not much i can do on this bike :-(