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11-4-2015 XB cosmetics,1125 Clutch cylinder & more

14-4-2015 - BuellXB cosmetics, Buell 1125 Clutch cylinder replacement and rear brake.

customer came in with his very nice XB12S , for some custom parts mounting , and bike check up.


XB12S customizing ... ok part was cheap, and need some love to mount it , as the mounting slot was not in the carbon part ( wise man told a long time ago , custom parts never fit) 


XB12S customizing, as the bike was lowered, a shorter side stand will be mounted , as the bike was a little to straight standing on the side stand.


XB12S customizing , releasing the belt tension to remove the exhaust to get to the side stand bolts.


XB12S customizing , side stand on and exhaust back on.


XB12S customizing , fitting the carbon chin spoiler , will also need some love.


XB12S customizing , little spacers made to fit it, and cut the clearing for the pipes.


XB12S customizing, i like to use some piece off rubber hose over the bolts in the chin spoiler mounting holes, this way the rubber will give a flexible mounting with out crusing.


XB12S customizing , little slot cut in in the left airscoop.


XB12S customizing , but the hole is also not really in position.


XB12S customizing , mhee. needs a little spacer in the lower hole.


XB12S customizing , special timing cover mounting, drilling out the rivets.


XB12S customizing , remove the 2 screws , give the screw driver a tap with a hammer , and they come loose more easy.


XB12S customizing , new timing cover see through... looks nice, bolts loctite and finger tight.


XB12S customizing , will also replace the clutch cable bracket before it brakes completly.


XB12S customizing , stance is better now.


1125R leaking clutch.


1125R leaking clutch , with the cap off clearly visible , before you start pull the clutch lever and zipty it to the handle bar, this way the reservoir will not drain empty.


1125R leaking clutch , alle key 5 mm and socket 17 to remove the pulling nut hold the allen key so it will not rotade.


1125R leaking clutch , remove the banjo bolt.


1125R leaking clutch , remove the cover bolts and gently peel off the rubber membrame if this sticks to the cover 


1125R leaking clutch , c-clip spanner remove the c-clip from the inside.


1125R leaking clutch , lay the cover on a flat service and give the old slave cylinder a tap so it comes out.


1125R leaking clutch, you see whay they don't sell loose o-rings / seals any more, surface is dammaged.. only new seals will start to leak very soon.


1125R leaking clutch , much better option is to replace the complete unit, and it will never be a problem again.


1125R leaking clutch , mark the notices before you push it in.


1125R leaking clutch , and press the cylinder back on , becarefull not to bite the outer o-rings , when pressed in put the c-clip back.


1125R leaking clutch , use the new crush washers that come with the kit for the banjo bolt.


1125R leaking clutch , tighten the cover , and tighten the banjo.


1125R leaking clutch , and tighen the pulling nut.


1125R leaking clutch , put the cap back, with a little screw driver or piee off nylon, push in the o-ring while pressing.


1125R leaking clutch , cut the ziptie , remove the reservoir cap.


1125R leaking clutch , and bleed the system.


1125R leaking clutch , rear brake felt like sticking, , this is the upper position.


1125R leaking clutch , and this is the lower position free moving.


1125R leaking clutch , and the disk like this ... the rear brake is starting to bind.


1125R leaking clutch , yep corrode.


1125R leaking clutch , after cleaning putting it back , and bleeding the system.