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17-11-2016 Sportster service, X1 gearbox and insp.

2-12-2016 - 17-11-2016 Sportster xl service, Buell X1 gearbox and inspection

off with the old

on with the new shiny chrome one oil filter

with the new intake seals she runs so much better , asked the customer, did you not notice the coughing and stumbeling... he thought this was normal

idle can drop a little now

and airfilter back on

brake fluid refreshment rear , getting the cover off

mnn looks like it has been awhile

some fresh fluid would not hurt... no waiting on the new shocks and front tyre so we can finish this bike

X1 gearbox issues

she has been around 

she is not the prittiest girl on the block

but she has experiance should count for something

short walk around.. rocker box gaskets are leaking

exhaust was off ?

some one has pulled the clips over the notch in the pipe , and it has been rattleling for a long time.. will fix it

brake pads read need to be replaced

but first the gearbox , very hard shifting and even harder down shifting ... off course checked the primairy chain tension first

shifter off

tensioner shoe loose to remove the cover

draining the gearbox fluid, lost off metal debris on the magnet.. is a sort off normal depending how long the oil was in

i will take the primairy off , remove the pulling plate for the pressure plate

left hand thread !!!

and acces to the trapdoor and shifter mechanisme

crank seal is leaking... will ad this to the list

first inspect the clutch pack

as clutch damper plate can be broken, and will cause bad clutch / shifting

this one looks like new

ok.. under the cluch spring.. no debris what so ever .. ok good

loose the shifters

and take off the detent plate

gearbox bolts loose

and you can pull out the gearbox

burrs on the dogs the 5e gear, common

cotter pins out off the shifter forks

with a allen key and magnet to it you can pull out the guide pins out the shifter forks

holding plates loose

and you can slide the shift drum out , to take it off

little markings on the drum, no reall sharp burrs

drim has been scoring the sliding surface on the forks

first gear fork is worn in , and not toughing straight

all the forks show off site wear

and run in markings

thay are really not toughing in line

gears mostly removed, i can hear the bearings in the trapdoor, will advise to replace these to

and replace the 1e gear counter shaft and 3e gear as these have been slipping on each other , customer also had the slipping in and out gear feeling

and will replace the set off shift forks

deburring the edges on al the other gears

line up , counter and main shaft , best way to keep theme apart