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5-2-2015 Xb service, X1 in need off a drive.

6-2-2015 - Buell XB12ss service. Buell X1 beld and pully.

nice XB12SS, in for a little love , bike looks stunning with 35000 km.


XB12SS service, heating up the bike to change the oil.


XB12SS service, a mechanics nightmare.. every screw a different head ...will fix this.


XB12SS service,the position on the chin spoiler is good, so marking the bracket makes it easier to put it back in the right position.


XB12SS service , old oil out.


XB12SS service, while the oil is draining, checking for bolts and nuts, header bolt is loose ?.


XB12SS service, primairy chain tension also a little loose.


XB12SS service , rear pads ware uneven , will adress this.


XB12SS service , belt is still in good shape.


XB12SS service , rear wheel bearings are in tiptop shape.


XB12SS service , so rear wheel back in , TQ rthe axle.


XB12SS service , and don't forget the pinch bolt.


XB12SS service , prime the oil filter before you put it on.


XB12SS service , and fill the oil.


XB12SS service, rear caliper mounting bolts in to support the caliper while i loosen the sliding bolts.


XB12SS service , little screw cap out, and loosen the pin holding the pads.


XB12SS service , and unscrewing the front sliding bolt.


XB12SS service , this is the one that is usualy sticking , as the grease becomes dirty and hard.


XB12SS service , the rubber ballow is cracked.


XB12SS service , clean the pin, and the hole, slide the pin in a few time with new grease , with out the rubber ballow as this works like a whipe.


XB12SS service , new rubber ballow in.


XB12SS service , and screw the mounting pin back in, line this one up good, due the make off the pins threads , very easy to cross thread this one.


XB12SS service , nice and easy sliding again.


XB12SS service , exhaust nut is not loose , the treads are gone. a screw driver helps to give some tension to remove it.


XB12SS service , the stud is dammaged , and has eaten the nuts treads.


XB12SS service, with the micron exhaust system, very easy to remove the front header , with out haveing to rotate the engine.


XB12SS service , header off.


XB12SS service ,and with a stud extractor,removed the old stud.


XB12SS service , new stud in with a little loctite, screw it in at the same length as the other one , makes it easy to see if the flanges are evenly tightened.


XB12SS service , and header back on.


XB12SS service , a rivit nut was out, will put a new one in.


XB12SS service ,matching screws.


XB12SS service , front wheel bearing is almost gone.


XB12SS service , easy peasy pressed some new ones in.


XB12SS service ,whell back in and tighten the axle to Torq specs.


XB12SS service , front fender back on, i use a very light loctite ( purple ) more as a corrosion protection than locking agent.


XB12SS service, press in the front suspentiona few times to set the front legs , and tighten the axle pich bolts.


XB12SS service , brake fluid change.


XB12SS service , and don't fprget the rear.


XB12SS service looking at these nasty holes... i decided to put some plugs in, looks much better when you are using barend mirrors.


XB12SS service , a other screw missing, and the seat lock bracket was loose ,will put a new screw in and tighten the other one.


XB12SS service , warmng up and check and set oil level, and she is ready for spring.


X1 something black and rubbery is missing ?


X1 , removing the front cover to check the pulley, as this belt only lasted 10000 km.


X1 biek is been driven in bad wheather allot , road salt, rain, sand.


X1 front pulley looks a little sharp ,will call the customer , first check the rear pulley to.


X1 , rear fender screws out.


X1 the chrome layer is a little worn but not sharp.


X1 road salts burt more than you think frown-emoticon this will be one off the next things to change, as the leg has lots allot off strenght.