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20-5-2015 1125 big service.

21-5-2015 - 1125 big service, very nice 08 R in for allot off love.


1125 big service, while the oil is draining, stripping here from the body panels.


1125 big service, little debris is normal.


1125 big service,, loosening the rear caliper to check the bearings.


1125 big service,will put new pads in.


1125 big service, cheater bar needed to loosen the axle.


1125 big service, belt looks ok ?


1125 big service, except for this crack frown-emoticon will discus this witht he customer.


1125 big service,rear wheel bearings are gone.


1125 big service, fresh tyre and bearings.


1125 big service, what the freak happened here, cleaning and rotating the pistons looks like it is chipped, and is rusty ( long time cracked ) i pressure tested the caliper and all is fine , and douse not leak..


1125 big service,exhaust off.


1125 big service,and top side strip down.


1125 big service, the easy spark plug out , don't switch the stick coils front to rear ( not recommended )


1125 big service, front end out to have easy acces to the engine , front bearings are toast to.


1125 big service, and because the nasty cut, the customer asked for new tyres.


1125 big service, forks out.


1125 big service,lossen and remove the center engine mount bolts , loosen the rest off theme.


1125 big service, remove airduct.


1125 big service, engine dropped down, the "hard " spark plug out.


1125 big service, remvoe the plug in the ignition cover , to trun over the enigne.


1125 big service,cover cleaned up and back on, spark plug in and coil in and connected, make sure the connector locks , they can come loose !


1125 big service,engine back up again, and start thighten the engine mounts left side first ( fixed to the frame , the right side after this , with the sliding bushings.


1125 big service, horn wires back on and secure the cable harness before you mount back the pods.


1125 big service, front fork oil change, protect the cap nuts with some isolation tape, so the soft aluminium will not mark.


1125 big service, check the rebound settings before you remove the top cap.


1125 big service, forks in but only fixed on the lower triple t , retighting the steering head bearings ( i could feel a small knock brake testing the bike when i walked it in )


1125 big service, the other way around again, fitting the covers back on.


1125 big service, customer wanted a little more light from the tail light , easy... mount a 2010 LED light , need to make the wire conenction, but that is easy.


1125 big service, off course check the battery connections.


1125 big service, and check the workings, like looking into the sun.


1125 big service,i put a small zip tie on the idle air hose , when the rubber get older it slips off easy.


1125 big service, nice date mark from the Buell factory.


1125 big service, base plate on and fresh filter, check the throttle nothing is sticking to the base plate , and full and free motion.


1125 big service,nasty old brake fluid in the rear.


1125 big service, look better like this.


1125 big service, reset the service reminder.


1125 big service, warm up the bike for oil level check.


1125 big service, meeeh.


1125 big service, new rubber looks better than ductape ... test ride.