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What did we do Today 30-1-2016 XB12SS finish job

5-2-2016 - What did we do Today 30-1-2016 XB12SS finish job, primairy cover strip for powdercoating

front axle pinch bolts look a little chewy

and axle looks not really seated good, as i lift the bike the fork is binding a little

these will go in the grey archive , i will mount some new ones smile-emoticon

the big 8 pot caliper line the wheel spokes up with the slots in the back off the caliper , so you can remove it with out paint damage

pads have seen there best days

front wheel bearings are toast, will replace theme

with the bearings pressed out, inspect the spacer, you can see the axle has been overtightened as the inner race is pressed in the spacer, lenght need to be checked..

pressing in bearings.. important to do it right. as the wheel can only handle so much replacements before the bearing hole become to large to have a good press fitting, to be easy on the wheels i lube the outer race off the bearing when pressing in. press with flat press tools to support the inner and outer race

press in the brake disk side first, to the seat in the wheel , as this is the side the wheel lines out to the forks

with the brake side pressed in , leave the press tool in and support it

spacer back in.. enough lenght to come above the seat

and use a other flat press tool to press in the other side

press in untill it toughes the spacer, feel with your fingers if you can move the spacer a little... the bearings are no mounted with out preload , and will last longer than pressed in with a lot off preload

electrical tape to protect the fork cap nuts , fragile black aluminium, scars really fast

before i unscrew the cap , checking the rebound settings

fresh oil in , mounting the forks back... one off the very little things showing the bike as done 55000 km

i rotade this ugly spot to the inside smile-emoticon

the front leg makes a very good work holder to replace the front pads, loosening the pad pins

the pad springs are narrow, can be a but off a hassle to mount the pads and pins ( sliding in the pins will move the pads )

ready to go back on... not sure what happened looks like the caliper bolts have come out ones ? looking at the markings

slots in the back off the caliper lining up with a spoke, and slide the caliper on the disk

wheel bacl in and mount the caliper bolts with loctite

the axle should turn lightly

caliper bolts to TQ specs

pad pins tightened

and fender back on

mnn i need to srew in the pinch bolts all the way.. i sould be pble to puch theme in freely for half the lenght , the aluminium is crushed in the front off the hole by overtightening..

the first half off the hole is non threaded , i screw in the bolts from the back side to make a dril stop , taking measure ments how far the bolt should go in

bolts in just enough

and carefully dril redrill the holes

looks better

and the bolts have enough room now in the first part, so the pinch bolts will actualy clamp

pushe in the suspension a few times see that the axle rides a little deeper in the leg... suspention feels allot smoother now , and tighen the pich bolts

chin spoiler back on.. loctite on the bolts.. the chinspoilers vibrate very hard

thorn on my eye for 2 days... on sutch a nice bike

better smile-emoticon

change the brake fluid front

and lube the sliding parts and pivot

talk about good levers... seperate pivot bushing , many aftermarket supliers can take a lesson here

shameless plug... i really love this silicone grease

clutch lever pivot also gets a clean and relube

and change the rear brake fluid

ready for test spin.... lovely bike


XB12SS with little crash damage, owner took the opertunatie to also make some changes.. primairy cover needs to be coated black, so i will remove this and place a old cover so the bike will not leak while parked

shift lever pivot bolt off

clutch cable adjuster turned in to remove the cable

with the cable staight as possible unscrew it , i need to fix the leaking when i remount it

chain tensioner loose

chain tensioner loose

and remove the cover screws

the little plug in the hole comes out best by unscrewing it

temp cover on , is damaged but will prevent the bike from leaking in the shop

removing the primairy tensioner shoe , and i will drop it off at the powder coater