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3-7-15 Service XB12R , oil leak , X1 get running

6-7-2015 - What did we do today 3-7-15 Service XB12R , oil leak , X1 get 'r running

Service XB12R, long time customer and his proud and joy , super clean XB12R ( more than 40000 km done )

Service XB12R, nicely made angel eyes , runnig the bike so there is a little heat in the oil

Service XB12R, while draining the oil remove the covers , becaus tthe carbon cover are not as thick as the original chin spoiler the original bolts have a little to tick a biss on theme , will figure something out for hime so the carbon stays nice in the long run

Service XB12R, shark fin belt guard off to take the wheel out

Service XB12R, little bit off bugger on the drain plug, nothing special yet


Service XB12R, the old style screw in pivot bolt check these as they come loose regular

Service XB12R, remove the spring

Service XB12R, clean the pivot pin, new grease and red loctite to hold it down

Service XB12R, and pull the spring back on , using a puller for this helps, off course you have your safetly glasses on 

Service XB12R, removing the rear brake with bracket and all is for me the most easy way, to remove the wheel

Service XB12R, some fresh oil back in

Service XB12R, checking the belt on ware ( recently replaced to look at it )

Service XB12R, rear wheel out and bearings are still fine

Service XB12R, with the wheel out, lift the belt a little and spin the belt idler pulley to check the bearings , perfect

Service XB12R, axle cleaned and lubed op , ready to go in

service XB12R, checking primairy chain tension , check on 3 positions as the tension can vary much

Service XB12R, cutting some hose to have some flexible spacers to hold the carbon parts better in place

Service XB12R, covers back on

Service XB12R, front mount , stil old model and is starting to crack and is hanging low , is a matter off time it will hit the muchroom bolt and the bike will start to vibrated very hard

Service XB12R, suppert the engine weight and you see how loose this rubber is

Service XB12R, witht he engine weight off loosen and remove the bracket

Service XB12R, old bracket

Service XB12R, compaired to the new one , the new suport comes with new bolt with out the rubber cushion , as this suchion is now on the support it self

Service XB12R, fitting it all loosly , so it wil line up

Service XB12R, some red loctite on the bolts in the cylinder head and tq down to specs

Service XB12R, front end check up, bearings are perect , change brake fluid

Service XB12R, checking the battery connections, i noticed the bike had a hard time starting... the + pole was loose

Service XB12R, cleaning up my greasy finger prints and time for test ride 

Oil leaking ... customer in destres ... poodle off oil under the bike...just had a service... Dham i hate when that happens... never seen this before, the O-ring seal on the new filter failed....

X1 get'r running, further with this electrical ? problem , first new battery in

X1 get'r running, as a carb is mounted and complete bypass on the ignition... trying to figure out what is working and what not ... any way lots off corrosion on the ground points

X1 get'r running, and one ground had a broke tab... clean and fix

X1 get'r running... ahhh dash is starting to work smile-emoticon 
and bike is wanting to run... on 1 cylinder ..

X1 get'r running, looks like old style coild is mounted ... just a drowned spark plug ?