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15-10-2014.XB9 Service,heated grips, intake seals.

16-10-2014 - Buell XB9 2010 model, a basic start check and heated hand grips. Buell XB12XT 2010, new airbox cover, with old style decals. Buell XB12X, error light and not running anymore. Buell XB12SCG, a other bike coughing and spitting.. and error code.

xb9 2010 model, with very little km, customer came over from Belgium for a basic start check and heated hand grips.


xb9 2010 model, after heating up the engine, oil drain.


xb9 2010 model, as we detected leaking intake seals ( AFV reading very much different front and rear cylinder ) and the bike was rough riding , and was positive on the leak test, we drop the engine right away , works for a lot off things in the big service just as easy.


xb9 2010 model, time was saved with the exhaust as we could use a support to the engine.


xb9 2010 model, the cap between the heads and throttle body is big ( and intake seals where loos, as a sign off not really good sealing )


xb9 2010 model, with such gap we mount the ticker blue seals, 


xb9 2010 model, little lube on the engine mount bolt, as it was dry out off the factory.


xb9 2010 model, with the engine back up. oil filter change 


xb9 2010 model, and flyscreen removed to mount the heated handgrips, Original Buell is a really nice set,


xb9 2010 model. left grip drilled the holes with the drill guide, and mounted the screws to secure the grip.


xb9 2010 model, so little km, but already the rear axle was seized, and we needed to knock it out.


xb9 2010 model, clean.


xb9 2010 model, and lube before putting it back, the bearings where ok ( the 2010 models have much stonger bearings )


xb9 2010 model, rear brake mounted back.


xb9 2010 model, front wheel checked , also ok.


xb9 2010 model, but axle was very dry, lube and put back in.


XB12XT 2010, new airbox cover, the cover was scratch, and customer wanted to replace the cover.


XB12XT 2010, new airbox cover, but wanted the oild style decals on the cover, as the 2010 are flat decals , a little guide makes sticking theme on much easier.


XB12XT 2010, new airbox cover, nice.


xb12X, lots off km done, dealer gave the bike up as there was a error light and the bike would not stay running anymore, a quick look and the TPS wire was broken, and needed to be set.


xb12X, lots off km, this bike has had a hard live, as agreed with the customer, we first make it run.. with a new tps cable, and intake seals after checking , setting the tps correctly did make the bike run, but as i thought the intake seals are leaking, i first power wash the bike with all the dirt and grime.


xb12X, lots off km, after cleaning works allot better , throttle bodie off.


xb12X, lots off km, and cleaning up the heads to mount the new seals.


XB12SCG, a other bike coughing and spitting.. and error code, error code was the exhaust valve motor, ok , we will remove this one, but afv was at 65... tells me leaking intake seals.. after testing this was correct.


XB12SCG, intake seals, top covers off, and throttle cables loose.


XB12SCG, ou can reach the lower idle cable better if you loosen the coil screws and pull it a little to the rear.