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12-12-2018 XB9SX studs XB12S isues, XB12SS

4-6-2019 - What did we do today: 12-12-2018 Buell XB9SX exhaust studs repair, Buell XB12S running issues, Buell XB12SS low compression 1 cylinder

drilling broken stud number 2

2 down

tapping .. carefull last thing i want is to break the tap

cleaning and degrease 

i put the studs in with some loctite 

gasket in and ready to be mounted 

w brace mounting 

bracket has been rattling 

again tighten with red loctite 

header on and O2 sensor connection 

quick shifter wire to the side stand connector 

belt tensioner on 

i will contact the customer as the front isolator rubber is about gone

lyning up the exhaust , tension free 

and air box back on 

i don't like these. 

simple bar.. the first little force they get and they will pop out the axle. but i put a little neverseas on te thread, so i can loosen theme the next time 

running issues , cable rubbing into the battery 

other issue.. seat stays are painted.. but not cleaned for ground connection

bike did not run... no wonder with a plug like this 

wtf... rear plug took it out like this ? checked the threads, took a little cleaning but was ok ?

front engine mount is completely gone 

front engine mount is completely gone 

has been resting and running on the end travel rubber for to long

XB12SS no running... bike stopped running after hitting the ref limiter we checked the basics... spark and fuel . compression test showed 2 bar less in the rear cylinder , we are going to have a look inside 

making ready for engine rotation

valve covers off. see the old orange seals 

header needs to come of.. the rusty nuts.. can get a issue 

12 mm socket hammered on i could get 1 out 

the other one broke.

header of 

rocker box of, and loosening the cylinder head bolts

front head of. looks ok so far

rear same job.. also orange seals.. have been leaking by the looks of it 

bought heads of 

rear cylinder.. looks ok 

rings are about worn out 

strange spots on the 2e compression rin 

strapping the engine for now to hold it up 

and checking the cams and pinion gear 

breather oil line of 

looking good.. key is perfect, and oil pump gear is good

pre lube for assembly 

little trick if one cam is of, 1e cam in this case , pull the 3e cam a little out

so when you pull the 2e cam out to adjust the 1e .. the 3e cam stays in position

check .. and cover back on