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6-7-2016 X1, S1, XB engine rebuild

19-8-2016 - Buell X1 blue stripe, Buell S1 , Buell XB engine rebuild , Buell XB fuelmap, Buell XB belt replacement

paint work came back for the paintshop :-) nice... and Proseries exhaust with header mounted

freaking nice paint job, as the bike was painted, but the colour was off , the customer asked us to let the covers to be painted in the original colors

decals in place

she is a looker

very nice S1 in for service check , well kept

xb engine rebuild... so what side douse the seal go in , back side

or front side

i prefer like this ;-)

and use a stamp to tap it in place

clean up the spacer with some scotchbrite and prelube the seal before you put it in

other side new oil pump gear on. longer lasting one

check the key slot inside on the pignongear

trow away the old nut , and with a drop off loctite tighten the new new

cams are marked... 1 being the front exhaust to 4 rear exhaust ( XB )

front exhaust on, rear exhaust one and rear intake cam in. lined up the holes,

set the crank pignon gear marking and line up the cams and put the front intake cam in... fidely double check if you got it right

with a oil can squirt some oil in the crank untill you see it comming out the bigend bearing

and mount the cam cover back on , check the holes in the gasket

off course set this to TQ

puchrod covers back on , and cylinders back on

check if the cometic gasket tabs don't interfear with the pushrod cover

new o-rings in the cylinder head and press the head on to the pushrod covers and than locate the cylinder dowls , not to pinch these o-rings ( seen it manytimes )

lube the headbolts flats and threads with some oil

and tighten the heads...

pushrods back in, the long ones are exhaust if the markings are gone

take care off the head temp wire so it is not pinched between the rockerbox and the head

postion all screws to line up the rocker box

and tighten slowly the big bolts first

rear mount back on, loctite and new screws as the old ones where chewes up

top mount and intake manifold on

and now first back in the bike

XB12Stt , running bad.. just had a big service, , needed to change the intake seals, and fuel mapping for the aftermarket exhaust

XB pushbike... nice but works better with a new belt;-)

pully cover off

and the inner cover off so the new belt can clear it better

lower belt guard off

foot peg bracket off and swingarm brace off , and new belt on

belt mounted... to much clutch play.. this is not just happening ... need to find a reason , cable half broken ? primairy cover cracked ? lock nut in place adjsuter

the pulling plate bearing is worn out in this case

remove the c-clip and you can take out the adjsuter rid

and replace the bearing

with XB a fiddely job to do this with out removing the primairy cover but can be done, clutch adjusted , and feels good again