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15-2-2019 XB12S black. XB12 crankcase bigend

22-10-2019 - What did we do today 15-2-2019 making Buell XB12S black. mounting crank in case after big end overhaul

rear rocker box cover on don't pich the wires — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

header can be mounted

eeeehhh... no

say yes to the bling :-)

rear nuts with extentions

pop the breather valve in before you rotated the engine up

very irritating when you for get these.. and remember when you are almost finished

front bolt back in

and w-brace mounting

preping the clutch cable lubing the treads

rear wheel hitting the number plate .. wil order a new one

making it nice.. tapping treads in the point over plate

so some stainles screws in. instead of poprivets

tightening the wire and connections under the airbox

and airbox mounted

cover on

right side scoop back on

zip tie the idle adjuster to the brace

chin spoiler bracket back on

and mounting the side stand.. use loctite on these

glue the handle bar clamp decal back on

and conneting the front indicators

making it nice with some heat shrink tube


checking the tail light

the wire color is always a gamble .. i think these are hand made by stevie wonder , no logic in the cable colors

but little testing works

and brake light

and indicator

mounting number plates. stick theme on with double sided tape.. so the plate will not rattle , i still use the 2 middle screws as security

starting to look sharp... waiting on the annodized front legs to be returned

big end repair . flywheel assembly

customer asked if i could pull it in the case , as we have the tools to do

yes easy case p

and puller spindel on the sprocket shaft

line up the rods...

other wise they can go wrong...

easy ...

the dammage of the big end bearings

one side looks ok

while the other side the surface is gone. this will not happen with our big end pins, as there hardened .. and i'm very sure the customer likes the work.. as the crank feels very nice now.. not like the wobbly rods normaly