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22-8-2015 XB trouble, HPA airbox XR1200, 1125CR

26-8-2015 - What did we do today 22-8-2015 Xb trouble shooting, HPA airbox XR1200, Wheel bearings.. nice 1125CR custom clutch problems

Xb trouble shooting, after engine rebuild the bike would not run anymore

Xb trouble shooting, trying to hook up the computer could not get connection, easy one ... plug to ecm wad not in full

Xb trouble shooting, checking the active error code rear injector to ground , big rubbing marks in the frame

Xb trouble shooting, yep easy to find... reisolated the wires, set tps, and try to start...

Xb trouble shooting, with all the not running, the plugs where fould, so replacing the plugs to

Xb trouble shooting, nice customers who take the camara and make pictures smile-emoticon


Xb trouble shooting, black and wet... no way this will ever spark again

Xb trouble shooting, bought front and rear

Xb trouble shooting, new plugs in. Plugs:

Xb trouble shooting, and corroded plug wires , replaced for new ones

Xb trouble shooting, start and runs nice ... i was curieus the km done explance allot for the wire rubbing.. but engine is running very nice

XR1200 HPA mounting, the cover strip did blow off time for a new airbox also in carbon

XR1200 HPA mounting, hold up with ductape , mechanics wonder stuff wink-emoticon

XR1200 HPA mounting, was a little fight with the stock box.. as it would not release , some one overtigthend the airbox screws pulling ou the brass insert, and this blocking the fuel tank to come off , a few taps with a drift to knock the insert back and was clearing the fuel tank

XR1200 HPA mounting, original airbox take apart to reuse the joints

XR1200 HPA mounting, as the intake valve is removed completely , a replacement resistor is mounted to stopp error codes


XR1200 HPA mounting, take the intake stack from the HPA airbox


XR1200 HPA mounting, and put it on the throttle body

XR1200 HPA mounting, reuse the original breather hoses

XR1200 HPA mounting , the big airfilter in and breather hoses made longer with the hose suplied, point the little T bit at the throttle bodie

XR1200 HPA mounting, cover on, and mounting to the fuel tank

Xb wheel bearings, during test ride this new Buell owner , did hear some things in the wheel , better dave than sorry check theme

Xb wheel bearings, they look ok... but there done .. good call from the customer to come by

Xb wheel bearings, new bearing in and wheel back in , small job..

1125CR custom, customer came by to show his bike, as he modified the short tail to the bike... very nice

1125CR custom, she looks mean... smile-emoticon nice work

1125CR custom, a bit off challange to fit everything under the seat , small high power battery pack helps to clear some room

1125CR custom, but the clutch just douse not feel right... it did feel sloppy , well checking , zip tie to the lever not to drain the complete reservoir

1125CR custom,, cover off and hose connection off

1125CR custom, remove the pulling nut

1125CR custom, from the out side it did not show to much signs off leaking, but they can also leak to the inside , witch was the case

1125CR custom, so off with the membrame to celan

1125CR custom, the rubber can take a punch , cleaning will do

1125CR custom, cover on a flat surface, and knock out the old cylinder

1125CR custom, mark the notches

1125CR custom, so you can line up the cylinder in the housing

1125CR custom, and gently press it in, c-clip back in

1125CR custom,, membrame back on

1125CR custom, cover back on and bleed the system

1125CR custom, the clutch feeling was already allot better, but still.... something missing

1125CR custom, some time in the bikes life the brass bushing in the clutch lever has gone missing... lucky i keep some old stock levers in the donation bin , with the bushing in the clutch feels perfect again