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What did we do today 10-2-2016 Buell S1, XR1200 X1

16-2-2016 - 10-2-2016 Buell S1 racer, XR1200 finish, X1 trouble shooting

i really did not like the way the throttle body was mounted, spacer rings ect, to much tension on the intake seals as i could see the bracket pushing the intake manifold back 

so back off and now they way i like it, bracket first , flat to the head mounting points and flat on the intake manifold,

and i realy don't like this, the braided hose is like a file scraping away as the engine vibrates and moves around 

little electrical tape on the spot you want to cut with a hacksaw lleaves the braiding a litle decent 

much better now , no parts toughing even as the engine moves

a scrap piece odd 90 deg, hose to go in the airbox , and filter can go on 

she runs like a champ, happy on the throttle, this is not a basic stock engine, need to wait a little for better weather to test ride here, but she will be screaming smile-emoticon mounting the injection fuel filter back on with some zipties 

fuel tank mounting back on, nice tail section but really not practical , now waiting on dry weather to take here out 

XR1200x was waiting on the last bit to come in from HD , shift lever

as the old one was a little bendy 

with a little heat you can unscrew the peg , use alittle loctite when you screw it back in

with shift lever in place , setting primairy chain tension 

and updating the fuel mapping

i put a little sticker on the bike so dealers wil know there is a fuel mapping inside

and letting here heast up a little, so the fresh coating can cure

X1 trouble shooting, bike runs rough between 2500-3000 rom, but also noise front cylinder and a compression differance from 1 bar between front and rear cylinder , very nice X1

we agreed with the customer to take a look at the pistons and valves

so starting to strip here , need to remove the shifter to get the chin spoiler off hex bolt holds the shifter

allen key the front bolt 

unhookd the springs and loosen the rear support ,and the exhaust is off 

removing the headers, lucky the nuts came loose

headers off , planning the rest to morrow