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1-9-2016: finishing jobs... busy day

19-9-2016 - 1-9-2016: finishing jobs... very bussy taking phone calls and visiters in the shop, so little thinker time today

last thing i needed to do on the bigbore... change battery as a bigass workshop battery was mounted to crank the engine , for testing ok.. but the seat cannot be mounted like this

and the X3 Li-ion battery is much smaller, i can put the ground back on the left side

this baby packs a punch 300 Cold cranking amps , and you see how small it is ( and light )

she is ready for here trip back to the UK

XB12 S/R conversion running way to hot... we already replaced the engine temp sensor as it was out off fase with,

always a way to do it right, grounds to the ecm are still ok

but the wire harness to the temp sensor and O2 sensor was showing some problems

after fixing the wire loom , fan action again on the right temperature , and O2 sensor gives a normal value again :-)

so test riding... perfect and with the right air scoop the fan douse not come on even after shutting down the bike , and the engine stays in normal operation temeratures

wind buffing Uly... i know from experance people with a surten lenght have this problem with the original high screen

with the zero gravity screen you will not have this problem

engine back in

there are many way to put in back in, i find it the most easy to loosen the isolator and lift the frame , slide the swingarm assembly back a little so the engine will not interfear with the frame

mounting bolts in

and lifting / lowering the frame over the engine

isolator bolts back in place

and front mount back on, put some red loctite on the headbolts

and tq these down as these bolts are only strong when there in the right tension

stenselstutte back on and isolator bolt back on

technoflex suspention brace on

i noticed a little dent in the casings , one off the bolts is to long off the techno flex

litle grinding tot he mount bolts , just nicer

and the hinge mechanisme is back on