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31-3-2016 Uly hammer time, service XB12SCG

1-5-2016 - 31-3-2016 Uly hammer time, service XB12SCG

nice XB12XT in for small service and TQ hammer and intake seals

drain while hot



as we know what we need to do, using the oil drain time to remove the plastics , for the engine rotation

disconnect the side stand and crank sensor plug

pinch bolt loose to remove the axle and wheel

will clean up the axle a little

the wheel bearings are stil good... we replaced theme the last time, but better check than be sorry

primairy chain tension is still good

so removing the stock exhaust , front bolt out

clamp loose, they can be very tight

and some times you break theme wink-emoticon as the bolt is off , with a drift you can knock the clamp loose

loosen the clutch cable , and remove the cable end from the lever

moving to the top side, airbox cover off

the actuator cable was already removed

as the cable was cut any way easy to remove , cut it in half and pull it out

disconnect the wires under the "bonnet"

loosen the coil bolts and move the coil out the way , so you can loosen the throttle cables nuts

2 turns on the lock nuts and you can take off the clip

and unscrew the holder nuts , and take out the cable ends

loosen and remove the top tierod bolt on the engine bracket

new oil filter on , and engine support to take the weight off the front engine mount — bij

after loosening, the bolt should come out easy

will clean off the corrosion and put some neverseas on

remove the injector connectors , best done from below

so how far do you need to rotate the engine, well on a Uly easy... not to far wink-emoticon acces to the screw is good

and foot rest will not tought the primairy cover

loosen and remove the manifold bolts

to remove easy to pull one flance off

hard to see, but has been leaking for some time not hard but still enough to make the ride a bit rough

the new 08-up flanges should be flat at the ends

not really strange to see some corrosion in the head surface, , i will clean this off

flanges back on and new seals

little bit of juggling and turning the flanges to get theme in position with out damaging the seals

and tighten the flanges equaly

for all aircooled injection buells green is rear white front , injector wires

make sure no sensors or wires will be jammed when you rotate the engine up again, front engine mount back in and set to TQ 66 NM

side stand off for the chin spoiler bracket

use red loctite on these bolts

preassemble the TQ hammer

put some never sees on the rear strap bolt , as all stainless hardware can freez and bind

position the exhaust so there is clearance side stand to the exhaust tip

than first tighten the front screws and mounts

than tighten the rear straps. the strap ends need to come to getter, the special heat ridge will give the band the expention while when the exhaust is hot

take a plastic hammer and tap the exhaust connection to the header a few time to release the tension and tighten the front clamp

make sure the rear straps are bended in with the rear bracket so there is enough clearance to the belt idler wheel

and ready to connect the top side , easy way to hook in the throttle cables push the end in the cam half way and hold with a finger and rotate the cable so it falls in the slot

check the adjustment range for the throttle cables on the handle bar

as you can adjust this also on the manifold

everything hooked up

ulys come with a stock tool tray wink-emoticon programming the ecm with the fuel mapping

decall on to let dealers know do not reflash this ecm

time for the front end check

wheel bearings are good.. perfect

brake fluid change

and ready for test ride

Xb12scg.. very nice Voltage paint set ( was factory paint set )

customer asked to check the battery... mnn low on CCA with a 10 year old battery , it still starts.. but struggles when cold. customer want a reliable one.. and was ok with replacing

a little cleaning needed before i want to pull out the filler plug

draining the oils and removing the primairy inspection covers

always a joy to find a good protected clutch cable adjuster

fresh gearbox oil in and adjusting the clutch mechanisme

bike still on the same height.. front plug out

set the gap on the new spark plug and pull the cable back on you need to hear a positive click so you know the cable is on right

rear wheel bearings feel notchy , i will replace these

and cleaned the axle

belt check and idler pully check

cleaned acle with lube... you can turn it with a finger

bike down on the lift , airfilter off

and replacing the rear spark plug

base plate cleaned and filter cleaned .. ready to go on

new battery in

bike turned around and front end out for oil change and wheel bearings check