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13-6-2015 S3 rockercovers, 1125 belt, XB maindrive

15-6-2015 - What did we do today S3 rockercovers, 1125 belt, XB maindrive seal, XR1200 oil change and IAC valve , M2 Oil change, broken isolators

S3 rockercovers, early morning start get'r done , cleaned the rockerboxes

S3 rockercovers, prelube the shafts and pres theme back on the lowerbox, line up the locking notch in opening, you will score the bolts, and can break easely when you try to force theme in

S3 rockercovers, box on, tighen it flat , steps at the time, slowly so the lifters have time to bleed , screw in the 3 hex and the 2 allen screws for hole alingment

S3 rockercovers, a little challange on a narrow frame, the TQ the bolts to specs 

S3 rockercovers, while your there, replace the umbrella valves for the head breather system

S3 rockercovers, spacer ring on, check if the seals is correct in the slot all around

S3 rockercovers, and put the top cover on , and aline the 3 pieces so it looks nice wink-emoticon

1125 belt change, service done a few weeks ago, belt was starting to crack.. better save than sorry on a daily driver... new belt please

1125 belt change, remove the belt covers and fender... cracks in the belt , will be a nice spare one for long travel... belt change on the road is easy, getting a belt can be very hard

1125 belt change, pich bolt loose and loosend the axle to relieve the belt tension ( 15 turn on the axle )

1125 belt change, remove the 2 bolts holding the swingarm insert 

1125 belt change, and remove the insert to have a opening for the belt

1125 belt change, foot rest bolts out

1125 belt change, and loosen the idler bolt a little

1125 belt change, this way you can turn the 2 pieces and take the belt out

1125 belt change, the notch on the front pulley is there to make it easier to take the belt off / on

1125 belt change, new belt on , slide the foot peg assembly to getter and tighten the idler pully nut

1125 belt change, belt slided through the slot and put the insert back on , thighten the bolts

1125 belt change, rotate the belt on, and tighten the axle, and put the covers back on

Xb 5e gear seal, after 100 km the rebuild engine started a little leak, looks the seal is leaking

Xb 5e gear seal, pulley on yep, seal is leaking.. 

Xb 5e gear seal, with a old flat head screw driver nock the seal in, and pry it out,

Xb 5e gear seal, new seal in and a little deeper this time, to have a new aria off contact on the spacer

Xb 5e gear seal, clean up the spacer with light scotsbrite to clean off contact ridges

Xb 5e gear seal, and pulley and belt back on

S3 rockercovers, rear box on, the right rear bolt needs to be in the hole, witht eh frame pipe running over it , it is hard to get this one in

S3 rockercovers, box bolts tightened, prelube the springs alittle with oil , as it take some time after starting before the oil gets here

S3 rockercovers, nice tool the the pesky crew under the frame pipe

S3 rockercovers, coil and horn back on 

S3 rockercovers, intake manifold back on

XR1200 oil change , IAC valve did give a error code for some time now, but not he bikes starts to idler to high when hot, replace it

XR1200 oil change,very sqeuky gear lever will run somuch nicer with a little grease on it

XR1200 oil change, always a mess with front positioned oil filters

XR1200 oil change, little trick, cut op a old oil bottle, and puch it under the filter ,and unscrew the oil filter, the oil is running for the most part in the cut oil bottle

XR1200 oil change, the the iac, took off the fuel tank

XR1200 oil change, and the airbox 

XR1200 oil change, carefully unscrew the bolts holding the iac, the break easy :-X

XR1200 oil change, new iac with new o-ring ( comes in the box ) put the new valve in and rotate counter clock wise into position , and rebuild

m2, oil change, letting the enginerun for some time to get the oil flowing

m2, oil change, while draining, noticed the isolators look very bad, as is the front mount rubber

m2, oil change, loosening the isolator bolts

m2, oil change, also noted the loos peg

m2, oil change, as the bike was left, as this is no longer a 1 hour job, loosent the rear ty rod to use the pressing tools toremovethe isolator